Okay, I know that last season, I started a blog, but let's face it... Season Three was crazy. How crazy? Well, when you have people dropping like flies without voteouts, it's a pretty good indicator of said craziness of a season. This time around, with a new rule in place and twelve returning contestants, the promise of this season is high. Who will be the greatest editor of them all? It's anyone's guess in Countdown to 10,000: All-Star Edition!

The Big Board
The Shooting Stars
The Excellent Editors
Bbhinton15 Courtney~Duncan~TDA Fedora Kid Aimers Bigez620 CrashMan 85
TDIFan13 TotalDramaAddict Webkinz Mania Mygeto Ragingblaze592 TDA ROCKS

Big Board Basics:

  • Blue font means that this contestant is still competing in Countdown to 10,000: All-Star Edition.
  • Red font means that this contestant was eliminated from Countdown to 10,000 this week.
  • Gray font means that this contestant was eliminated from Countdown to 10,000.
  • Gold font means that this contestant received individual invincibly this week.
  • Green font means that this contestant was on the winning team this week.
Week One

Well, the first week of countdown was certainly a busy one, but lets look on the brighter side: congrats to the Shooting Stars for making over 1,000 total edits. The amount of work that these guys put in was astounding, and it's no wonder that they smoked the Excellent Editors out of the water. Call me crazy, but I'm sensing a Screaming Gaffers counterpart with the Stars. If they don't hit the merge with at least four people on that team, I'll be surprised.

From that, lets look at the losers, the Excellent editors. After falling short by a 100-200 edit deficit, the team was set on voting out either Ragingblaze, an edit powerhouse who was banned for fluffing, or CrashMan 85, a former solid editor who was unable to keep up with everyone else this time around.

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