CrashMan 85 here, with the first installment of a series of blog posts analyzing each and every major character in the Total Drama Series. That's right- every character, from A to Zeke! I don't believe that anyone has attempted to do something like this to the extent that I have, so I'm looking forward to this series. I have no set order planned for this series, but if there is a character that you really want me to focus on next, feel free to mention it in the comments. I realize that I'm terrible at writing disclaimers like these, so how about we just start?

Alejandro, the Arch Villain. Remember the days when Total Drama World Tour was still Total Drama: The Musical as well as the announcement that two new characters would be joining the original cast? A short trailer soon introduced us to the highly anticipated "rookies". While a certain purple-haired superfan and her monkey noises initially worried or charmed many users, I could have cared less. I was far more interested in the second.


Even in the pre-season trailer, Alejandro proved that he was a force to contend with.

While Alejandro only had one line in the entire trailer, his threat to take down he other contestants was made even more serious when it was followed by a clip of Leshawna, presumably after being eliminated because of him. As time went on and his stereotype was released, it was blatantly clear that Alejandro was destined to be an antagonist on par with the likes of Heather during Total Drama Island. The hype for the third season only intensified with the announcement of Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, where both Kathie (now correctly named Sierra) and Alejandro would appear. With high hopes, we all tuned into the special and waited for the new debuts.


From the get-go, Alejandro reveals his arrogance.

Finally, twenty-eight minutes into the special, we got our first look at Alejandro. A contestant on Total Drama Dirtbags, Alejandro pushed through the original cast with no sign of acknowledgement, even blowing off Chris at the entrance. He continues on to host the Gemmies, where it is announced that he, along with the Dirtbags cast will be headed to New York to conduct interviews, sparking the plotline for the second half of the special. Alejandro makes yet another threatening confessional after qualifying for World Tour, promising the "Total Drama Nerds" that he'd be going all the way to the top. It is interesting to note how different Alejandro's attitude is in this episode when compared to the third season. He make little to no effort to manipulate the others the way he normally would, and comes off as conceited and far more aggressive. Because he is not competing in this episode, it makes sense that he does not attempt to befriend the others. It is possible that this is an insight into Alejandro's true personality; selfish, uncaring, and arrogant.


Even though his actions during the special were far from friendly, Alejandro is successful in making a far better impression with his fellow contestants.

I believe that anyone taking the time to read this is familiar with the events of World Tour, and because I respect your intelligence, I will not be recapping every Alejandro scene. That's what the character page is for. Rather, I will be recapping specific events.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Alejandro claims that "Compared to [him], Heather's a saint". With a stereotype like "The Arch Villain", that's not too difficult to believe. Indeed, Alejandro played a significant part in every contestant's elimination, with the exceptions of Ezekiel, Lindsay, Izzy, Gwen, and Sierra. However, eliminating people doesn't make you a villain- it just means that you are actively competing in the competition. It was the means that Alejandro went to that made him stand out. He cold heartedly blindsided his loyal second-in-command Tyler, used the heartstrings of Bridgette and Leshawna as puppet strings, and convinced Harold to quit the game over his honor. He did all this without a shred of remorse. Sure, Heather may have been mean to people throughout her run as antagonist, but when compared to Alejandro, Heather was a mere strategizer.


Turns out there's no such thing as "playing the perfect game".

In his own way, Alejandro was strategic, but despite his near mastery of the game, he still made several flaws. First and foremost, through his brutality, he was left with only a few key supporters. The social game was one aspect that Alejandro could not control, and had the finale been a vote, he'd be met with the same fate as Russel Hantz (props to anyone who gets the reference). In addition, Alejandro seemingly threw several challenges, whether merge or pre-merge. Allowing Team Amazon to win the first challenge made no sense to me. Throwing a challenge is never a smart idea, but why was Alejandro so willing to do it that many times? Imagine this: What if Team Amazon had lost? Heather would have been a likely first out, and an entire plot device would be out the door... or rather, plane.


So, it's okay to lose in Egypt, Germany, and Niagara Falls, but not Jamaica?

Another incident that also bothered me was Alejandro's elimination of DJ. Granted, I was getting tired of DJ's animal antics, but only recently I understood Alejandro's logic. In the bobsled challenge, it would come down to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and DJ, and Alejandro couldn't risk a double dose of eliminations, even if it kept a relitively weak DJ in the competition. This is where the writers could have changed things up. Team Chris could have lost, but Izzy could have been the only casualty. But, who am I? Some yahoo with a keyboard. In all fairness, this is only a small issues, so I'll just move on.

The main thing to take from Alejandro's gameplay is that he knows how to get to the end, but not necessarily the best way to do so. His adaptability and ability to control others was his greatest aspect. Had more people realized Heather's suspicions, it is not difficult to imagine the other contestants ganging up to stop him.


Is this evidence of potential inferiority complex?

Much like Ezekiel and Heather, Alejandro is greatly motivated by the million dollar prize. But is this the only motivation Alejandro has? If not, what sparks his competitive and manipulative nature? The answer may be found in his brother, José. In Hawaiian Punch, Alejandro has a near breakdown, revealing this about his brother: "José always has to win, always! He lives to make me miserable. He punches me in the arm and calls me "Al" just because I hate it"! While it is clear that there is a conflict between the two, it reveals a lot about Alejandro. For starters, it explains Alejandro's resentment towards being called "Al", and the potentially scarring effect it must have on him each time he is called it. Although Alejandro is usually regarded in at least decent physical shape, the fact that José punches Alejandro might imply that Alejandro is the victim of physical, in addition to mental, abuse. I'd go so far as to say that José has inflicted Alejandro with inferiority complex. It is interesting to note that Carlos, Alejandro's other named brother, does not seem to have the same resentment fostered towards him. Instead, it is José who has forged Alejandro into who he became.


Is Alejandro truly capable of love, even if he is evil?

This would explain several aspects of Alejandro's character. The reason he manipulates others? It simply gives him a sense of power, much like the power José has over him. What other way gives you more control over a person than through their hearts and minds? This is especially clear in his relationship with Heather. Assuming his feelings for her are real, he may not know how to deal with her. Heather is strong, and he might be afraid of her turning into another José. His only solution is to control her, whether his intentions are selfish or not. Her actions in both endings in the finale must have crushed him, but the promise of money was stronger than his love for her. He may have realized that even if he had Heather or not, money could be a sure way to gain power, and was willing to gamble it all.


Is this the new face of Alejandro?

Regardless of which ending you take as canon (I say this because the American ending has been so rooted into our minds, although I stay true to the Canadian ending), Alejandro ultimately pays for his wrongdoings. However, his "punishment" is far more extreme than anyone else's, having his body ravaged by lava. There are still those concerned that Alejandro will remain in his Drama Machine garb; I believe that this was simply a one-shot gag. If Alejandro is to return to the series, either through a cameo or competing yet again, I am confident that he will be slightly altered to reflect the scars of his evil, but he won't be altered in an extreme way.

Well, that's it to conclude this character analysis. I hope that you enjoyed it, and I look forward to writing more.

In the words of a certain friend: -w-

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