• CrashMan 85

    CrashMan 85 here, with the first installment of a series of blog posts analyzing each and every major character in the Total Drama Series. That's right- every character, from A to Zeke! I don't believe that anyone has attempted to do something like this to the extent that I have, so I'm looking forward to this series. I have no set order planned for this series, but if there is a character that you really want me to focus on next, feel free to mention it in the comments. I realize that I'm terrible at writing disclaimers like these, so how about we just start?

    Alejandro, the Arch Villain. Remember the days when Total Drama World Tour was still Total Drama: The Musical as well as the announcement that two new characters would be joining the …

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  • CrashMan 85

    Okay, I know that last season, I started a blog, but let's face it... Season Three was crazy. How crazy? Well, when you have people dropping like flies without voteouts, it's a pretty good indicator of said craziness of a season. This time around, with a new rule in place and twelve returning contestants, the promise of this season is high. Who will be the greatest editor of them all? It's anyone's guess in Countdown to 10,000: All-Star Edition!

    The Big Board

    The Shooting Stars
    The Excellent Editors

    Bbhinton15 Courtney~Duncan~TDA Fedora Kid Aimers Bigez620 CrashMan 85
    TDIFan13 TotalDramaAddict Webkinz Mania Mygeto Ragingblaze592 TDA ROCKS

    Big Board Basics:

    • Blue font means that this contestant is still competing in Countdown to 10,000: All-Star Edition.
    • Red f…

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  • CrashMan 85

    Crash's Countdown Blog

    October 2, 2010 by CrashMan 85

    With Season Two of Countdown drawing to a close, Season Three signups starting up, it's about time to get this blog up and running. As a previous contestant on Countdown, I know what each editor needs to do in order to make it to the top, and as a result, this blog will be updated weekly with rankings, elimination editorials/interviews, tips and hints, until a winner is crowned.

    To the contestants of Season Three: Good luck. You'll need it.

    Season Kickoff

    I realize that many other Countdown blogs have begun ranking contestants from best to worst, but it seems a bit too early to do so. So instead, I'll place each of the confirmed contestants into a tier list based upon their edit habits and activity before the competition begins. For those who…

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  • CrashMan 85

    Intro: Okay... so I was bored and I go onto JibJab to see if they had anything new. They didn't, so I spent a few listening to some of my favorites. Nalyd and I were spoofing several of the videos with users, events, and the like, when I decided to create a full on parody of events and people who made this wiki what it is today. It took an hour, but I think that the end result was good. So, here goes...

    Note: This song is a a spoof of a spoof. It is recommended that you listen to the spoof while you are reading the lyrics of this spoof... Not doing so would be a goof, you doof!

    VS starts it, then he quit,

    Vandalism was extreme,

    People said it shouldn't, so

    An admin election, oh...

    Nalyd, Shinneth, TDI,


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