• Courtneyfan4ever

    im soooooooooooooo excited about the 3rd season cause the trailor looks awesome! the only thing that worries me is that duncan might be the 1st to go. im happy that courtney and bridgette are on and all but i cant imagine the show without duncan. Hes been on every episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D= oh well,im still really stoked!

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  • Courtneyfan4ever


    September 7, 2009 by Courtneyfan4ever

    okay Ive been asked (quite a lot actually) the reasons i like Courtney.

    the reasons i like Courtney...... 1. well to start with she makes ME laugh 2. i can relate to her in some ways. 3. she is stubborn 4. she has so many flaws and she isn't perfect which makes her easier to relate too 5. she can be bi-polar (well its true,and goes back to #1) 6. do i have to say it? d+c 4 ever

    those r a few I'm sure i could add more but you get the point.........


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  • Courtneyfan4ever

    so i was in atlanta georgia. they have this place called the cartoon network store so me and my brother go to c if they have anything tdi related. well no merchandize but they had this booklet on summer stuff airing on cn. tda got a page in the book of coarse so i took one. on the tda page was this with the summary

    5 worst action movie titles on earth 1. the doubtfuls 2. gnat man 3 3. mailmen of the caribbean 4. escape to grandma's 5. not so speedy racer.

    im not sure but this could be future episodes

    well thats all for now


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  • Courtneyfan4ever

    as you all can tell, i am or may be the worlds biggest courtney fan. i could sit here for hours for how much i like her personality and well how she plays the game. but i wont. i want to say this though to all courtney haters, courtney roxs my soxs! she is so awesome! and i wish u didnt hate her. okay, peeps if u want u can say what u like about her or what u hate. im in the computer room with my brother and he keeps yelling out negative things about her, so that inspired me to hear what other think!

    ttyl for now,


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