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    Ok, I was on Tumblr today, browsing through all the images and believe it or not, I have found images of 3 couples for Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

    The first couple is Gus and Mari, who is The 'Siblings' Cousin. (Not sure why they're called that, but that's who they are.)

    The second couple is Tasha and Bonifa, who are The Childhood Friends.

    The third couple is Eleanor and Earl, who are The Richie Father and Daughter.

    And if you ask me, out of those three couples, I think the most interesting couple is Eleanor and Earl because there has never been a parent of a contestant competing on Total Drama. First it's best friends competing together (Katie and Sadie), then it's twin sisters competing together (Amy and Samey) and now it's a…

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  • CourtneyStalker8196


    It might be either better or worse than the 50th ms edit poster but I think it's okay for this number.

    DakotaBender is so great! 17:27, May 25, 2012 (UTC)DakotaBender2119 It's Bendering Time!

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