Scarlett, labeled Miss Heather, was the winner of Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Amazon.

Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1

As we got off the bus Chris explained the rules. Then we sorta just went in the jet. It was really boring. Really. Chris gave us a tour of the plane. When he said we had to sing, I brightened up a little. I mean, I'm amazing at singing. Just before we landed, Courtney started the first song. I was amazing at it, although I couldn't fit in any solo parts. A little while later we landed in Egypt. Chris explained the challenge. I decided to go under, since I obviously couldn't climb in wedged sandals. I went with Sierra, Cody and Heather. 1, because Sierra was new, like me, but could tell me about the show, and 2, because I realised I needed to make friendships to win. Once, though, we turned around and a mummy was following us! We were second-to-last crossing the finish line, which really annoyed me. The members in my new team annoyed me even more! After all that, after Duncan quit, we have to choose a team name. Courtney suggests Team Amazon and we all agree, except for Cody. For our reward, we got a camel, but before Chris explained the challenge, the episode was signed off.

Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2

We all stand on different coloured mats, to match our team name. Chris tells us about the challenge. As the race starts my team gets on the camel. There wasn't enough room for me, so I just went along with walking, to make friendships in my team.Cody attempts to ask Gwen out, and we all laugh. Later, Chris warns us about scarab beetles, as soon as Chef releases some. Then we have to sing a song. It distracts the beetles, until Ezekiel interrupts. We soon take Team CIRRRRH's place in the lead, but they reach The Nile before us. We argue about which way the Nile is.Then we see the finish line. We end up second to the river. We're stumped on the challenge. None of us have any idea how to weave a boat. Then I notice Izzy's gone. I see her talking to Sierra. They end up switching teams. I'm delighted. Izzy gone! A 4th-Generation Basket-Weaver here! We finish the boat. But we're having a hard time trying to get Ruby - the camel - into the boat. Izzy finally talks to Ruby to get her in the boat. We end up third in the river. Then we have to sing, again. I sounded amazing, like always. We end up first! We then headed to First Class.

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