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    August 12, 2012 by Courtney999

    Scarlett, labeled Miss Heather, was the winner of Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Amazon.

    As we got off the bus Chris explained the rules. Then we sorta just went in the jet. It was really boring. Really. Chris gave us a tour of the plane. When he said we had to sing, I brightened up a little. I mean, I'm amazing at singing. Just before we landed, Courtney started the first song. I was amazing at it, although I couldn't fit in any solo parts. A little while later we landed in Egypt. Chris explained the challenge. I decided to go under, since I obviously couldn't climb in wedged sandals. I went with Sierra, Cody and Heather. 1, because Sierra was new, like me, but could tell me about the show, and 2, because I realised I needed t…

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  • Courtney999


    July 27, 2012 by Courtney999

    Okay, so I'm doing requests at the moment cause i make way too many fan characters that go to waste. If you want me to draw one, put what they look like in the comments. And not too hard.



    Eye Shape:

    Lips (Shape and Colour):

    Eyes (Shape and Colour):



    Clothes (Style and Colour):



    At the moment, I only do females


    1. FurtIsMyDrug / Madi
    2. Franky494 / Izzybella
    3. Numbuhthreefan
    4. Abracadean / Deva
    5. Brigi34 / Jaweria

    Since I am filled with a lot of orders, and finish one in 30 minutes to a day, don't expect your to be done in one day. :)

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