Hey guys, just posting my top teams for TDRR ^^ I watched the whole season yesterday in one day (9 hours of Total Drama, since I also finished rewatching Pakithew Island) so I think it's a great time to post my opinion :) The show had TONS of interesting characters so it was hard to pick the favorite order, with the exception of a few bottom ranks, which I was sure I didn't enjoy so much..

18. The LARPers
Confetti allergy

Tammy's confetti is EVIL!

As with most, this team just didn't seem very interesting to me. They didn't have many possibilities other than failing to cast their spells. Leonard didn't change much from TDPI, still the same LARPer, meanwhile Tammy was the random bystander throwing confetti at people. It's no surprise these two were eliminated first, because they literally stopped themselves in their tracks to "slow down the others" Which challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: The magic one with the lion.

17. The Rivals
Vegans and Tennis Rivals Walking

Genius plan..

These two didn't seem to touch me that much. Just some old rival dudes laughing at other competitors and making jokes in the confessional. I didn't find them funny at all.. Also their plans were a bit flawed, such as follow the Vegans to find cheese wheels. Nevertheless, I do believe they could've had a few plots. Like perhaps, they could be the ones who always followed some players with a stupid plan or they could kinda become weak antagonists (don't ask me how, that's just how I can imagine them) Which challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: Serve the most difficult tennis machine.

16. The Rockers
Rockers crashed

Spud, what's up with your reaction...

Ahh the rockers.. These two were frequently around the last places. In most challenges it was just Rock trying to do something, meanwhile Spud was being useless. The only plot they could've had was make alliance with Surfers or maybe impress Junior in some way.. These guys felt like a filler to me, no offense to their fans. The only time these guys showed to do something was in the Rock and Roll challenge where Spud rocked everything. Which challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: Well technically they were in the challenge that suited them, but I wonder how would Spud take the hottest pepper in Australia.

15. The Adversity Twins
Twins feel no heat

Well they're at least LUCKY to have temperature dyslexia in this challenge..

Adversity Twins Mickey and Jay... Would've been interesting if they had scored the alliance with the Sisters for longer. However their misfortunes and bad luck, not to mention allergies were decent at first until they got rather annoying. It's weird how these two got so far, but I guess that was the goal.. Honestly, I expected the two to be eliminated in Morocco or France, maybe I'm one of the people who didn't expect them to make it so far. What challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: Seeing them chase rabbits, they'd probably be allergic to rabbits and cabbages..

14. Step-Brothers

Stepbrothers Costume

Fight some more please..

Chet and Lorenzo didn't amuse me. They were always fighting until they realized they have similarities. As if that wasn't predictable enough.. These guys reached their peak and "their appeal" was gone I guess... Technically you can say that their whole show performance was fighting with each other until they found similarities.. What challenge would suit them/be interesting: I guess Dude Buggies..

13. Ice Dancers

MacArthur Josee in airpocket

Lucky Josee...

These guys at first were just creepy, but once I saw their determination to be first, it was the plot that they're the season's main antagonists. Which is why I placed them low. Their effect on the plot is huge and deep, it's because of them that many got eliminated, however the stuff they did is the reason why I dislike them.. Antagonist immunity is rude, but you can't just take it away.. I wish they'd been eliminated in Zimbabwe... Gotta face it tho, these two were great antagonists, they did their job well, like Scott in TDRI (though I still wonder how his strategy works..) and Heather in TDI. Since they competed in all of the challenges, except for the last, there's no point in saying which one would suit these two.

12. Surfer Dudes

Geoff and Brody

Bro, you have boxers on your head...

GASP! "How can you not like the bromance?!" some of you ask? Well I never really was a big fan of Geoff, the double positivity and a pinch of stupidity wasn't really fun for me. Sadly, when I saw them return in the final four I got the terrible feeling: These two are going to win aren't they... I hated the fact that those two won, because I really wanted some of the newer contestants to win.. Heck, Brody might be new, but he's still paired with the old classic one..

11. Reality TV Pros

Rtv pros


Ugh Noah and Owen.. When I saw that those two were returning I was happy, because I really loved Noah's design in TDWT, Owen seemed like a very nice buddy to him in TDWT.. However in this season they have changed drastically for me.. Owen kind of lost his fart charm (he still farted and had the fart in him, but it wasn't his main stuff..) Now Owen was mostly known for the alliance with Kitty to set up Noah and Emma and crushing Noah with his hugs of fear.. Noah, you changed a lot.. I used to really like you in TDWT, you were amazing with your sarcasm and your attitude.. In TDRR you changed a lot, I loved the plot with NoahxEmma, however this plot was making Noah less of a sarcastic awesome little dude, to a daydreaming guy..

10. Best Friends


So.. not.. obvious..

Well hello there, totally readable plot story :) Don't get me wrong, these guys were really awesome in the beginning, until Devin got all Shelley-obsessed and they had a series of episodes leading him through "the stages of heartbreak".. I'll admit I was personally annoyed so much, when he didn't let Carrie speak of her feelings, and later on when Carrie didn't let him speak of his feelings. Like guys, you are besties, stop interrupting each other for a change... They got eliminated just when they needed to: When they had no plot left.. I loved how Carrie was really nice with other teams, just that the guys were rather cliche...

9. Daters/Haters

Ryan oar

Ahh, such love...

And so starts the stuff I'm not sure about how to place at all! So.. The Daters were just dull boring characters until they became the haters. It was funny to watch these two always arguing and that their mutual hate/love made them achieve higher results. I was so mad at these two when they LET the ICE DANCERS WIN! JUST BECAUSE OF A SINGLE KISS! Ugh.. Guys, you were awesome until you let the two win.

8. Father and Son


Yeah.. Mr. Dad makes Junior feel awkward..

I know that Father and Son teams are supposed to work like the Dad embarasses the Son, and the Son knows how to do stuff, and has to deal with a wannabe cool dad. But heck Dwayne was getting on my nerves, especially in Zimbabwe, when he was so over-protective that he put on tons of lifejackets on Junior.. Don't get me wrong Junior was an awesome kid, and I love how the finale ended in both of them strengthening their family bonds, however Dwayne your wannabe cool dad attitude kind of affected your placement. What challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: The pepper one again. I would like to see hwo Dad wants to act awesome and eat the hottest pepper/jump from the top.

7. Goths

Goths make up out

Omg goths have emotions.

Goths were really awesome. Loved them throughout the whole season, however they did seem a bit bland to me. Especially at the start.. The lack of emotions, I can understand, however they did creep me out, particularly by Ennui saying that the French catacombs could be a summer camp/amusement park or the way they mind-meld with Loki.. I probably most liked them in Finland when they lost their goth stuff.. I just wish they had stayed the same goth for the rest of the race, rather than reverting to their old selves. Which challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: Superteam catfish collecting, since they don't really work with other teams.

6. Vegans

Geniuses and Vegans

;-; Dreamteam. Vegans being awesome

Vegans are awesome people! I really wish they had stayed longer in this game. Now I know some of peoples' favorites got much lower on the list than these two, but I think Miles and Laurie were very very diverse. The problem with characters that can be diverse is: They usually don't want to make too many plots, so they make one basic one and get rid of them.. Seriously though, Laurie could've converted to meat eater and these two could've been a true fighter duo. It would've been interesting to see how these two perform in some other challenges.. I find it unfair that they got booted out so early.. What challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: Probably the one in the ranch, to eat a full pot of pork and beans. They'd obviously fail on that though

5. Fashion Bloggers

Jen tom butt lick

That charisma doesn't grow on trees.

Why did you leave us so early? You were so awesome and funny and interesting as characters. I really liked both of these as they were fun to watch and interesting to the story. Such a shame that they had to lose so early, they could've shopped and done so much more.. Heck, did you see how Jen sweet talked that Icelandic swanlady? Or how awesome Tom was all the time? Ahh, fashion awesomeness... What challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: I wonder how'd they live in the hottest Sauna.. Yeah call me boring..

4. Geniuses

Ellody TDRR Rank

If only you knew how to wing it and didn't delay on the plans..

These two got booted out way too early.. THEY COULD HAVE DONE SO MUCH MORE! They were Geniuses, they could've become antagonists, they could've found so many smart ways to do challenges, I bet they wouldn't struggle with the Icelandic phrase or the fossils or landing a ring on a narwhal.. It's just sad to see such unused potential.. What challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: Break out of prison. I bet these two would instantly find a way..

3. Mom and Daughter


Yup, you're spoilt Taylor!

Kelly and Taylor were fun to watch. Sure Taylor was a naggy little brat, but Kelly was an awesome mom. She held in all the spoilt daughter's stuff, well, until she got so annoyed that she revealed that all the achievements of her daughter are fake. I wanted to see what would happen further with those two, but sadly they recovered and sabotaged themselves by going shopping rather than going to the Chill zone.. I loved Kelly as a mother and Taylor even though spoilt was a great duo with Kelly.. At first I thought I wouldn't like those two, but they proved to be quite interesting to me. What challenge would be interesting to see/suit them: I want to see how those two would co-operate in the borehole in Siberia.. Would it be similar to MacArthur and Sanders? Nobody knows.

2. Cadets

Speaking of MacArthur and Sanders. These two happen to be my second favorite team, ironically second place
Cadets Rejected

Sadly that's not going to work..

aswell. I loved MacArthur's recklessness and Sanders'attitude. MacArthur was a hilarious, awesome, huge temper but great personality of a person. She had tons of funny and interesting moments. The only time I didn't like her was when she was tackling Kitty in Dude Buggies. Sanders was the smart one of the two. She tried to not break any rules and play fair and square, however when needed she was a really strong competitor. Despite, having to adjust to MacArthur's rules, Sanders still had her own flare, and beating the Ice Dancers because she grabbed the tip with her broken hand was amazing.. These two had a great storyline and plot, they were interesting on their own, and their rivalry with the Ice Dancers was fun to watch aswell.

1. Sisters



And of course, the Sisters. Many loved them, and I am no exception. I loved how they transitioned to exactly opposite of what they started. Kitty started as a childish playful sister, who wanted to offer her sister help, however was ignored, but still Kitty never cared about that, she was just trying to have as much fun as possible, meanwhile Emma was just in there for the win, not trusting anybody and playing for her team and strategically deciding everything herself. However when the NoahxEmma plot starts, Kitty seems to take in charge. The sisters' bond strengthens greatly, but Emma is left rather busy with Noah, so she kind of loses her mind over the game for a few episodes due to love and Kitty is forced to become the serious one and is concerned about the team's performance in challenges. In the end when Noah is gone and Emma is over it all, these two become huge powerhouses working very strongly together until the Ice Dancers sabotage them.. Ugh, if it wasn't for MacArthur they might have finished in 3rd place.. Another thing I loved about the Sisters is that they were friendly with other teams, notably the Best Friends, Adversity Twins and Surfer Dudes. They were nice and friendly, but competitive at the same time, which is why I found them quite awesome.

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