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    TDRR Favorite teams

    October 18, 2015 by Contractas1

    Hey guys, just posting my top teams for TDRR ^^ I watched the whole season yesterday in one day (9 hours of Total Drama, since I also finished rewatching Pakithew Island) so I think it's a great time to post my opinion :) The show had TONS of interesting characters so it was hard to pick the favorite order, with the exception of a few bottom ranks, which I was sure I didn't enjoy so much..

    As with most, this team just didn't seem very interesting to me. They didn't have many possibilities other than failing to cast their spells. Leonard didn't change much from TDPI, still the same LARPer, meanwhile Tammy was the random bystander throwing confetti at people. It's no surprise these two were eliminated first, because they literally stopped the…

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