Now, I saw a blog post that said Trent was best for Gwen, so decided to throw in my two cents as his doesn't make as much sense as mine.

Gwen and Duncan 

They can ignore each other better than all other people. Also, Duncan is super loyal and they can both be goth, they're perfect for each other. Why did Gwen brake up with him... oh, yeh.

Gwen and Courtney 

Best couple ever. Gwen can change herself for her, like how she changed her entire gothness to be with Courtney. Best straight couple ever.

Gwen and Trent

Trent is fat, not a good relationship. 

Gwen and Cody

Gwen's too busy getting ten new boyfriends to spend time with Cody. Cody should move on to Izzy, I've seen them talk never but people ship them before so why not?

Gwen and Sam

Ever since I've saw these two together, they've been on my mind. Sam and Gwen are my OTP, they're not rushed and they have perfect chemistry. IDK you are all oblivious to their love.

Gwen and Cameron 

Cameron is too sexy for fugly Gwen.

Well, those are all the important ships. Honerable (spelt wrong cause I can............'t spell it.) mention to Gwen and Sasquatch. By the way, if you think I'm serious, I'm happy to provide counselling. Oh, and most people won't notice this blog... ;-;

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