I just want to know who all of you think deserve to be back and what they could do.

Dave and Ella

Yeah, this plot didn't last long did it? Honestly, I think it could work and also redeem Dave for most of the fan base who hate him. I mean, Ella could try to get with Dave by hanging out with him a lot, and first he's oblivious, then maybe he finds out but is reluctant to take a relationship due to how Skave ended, but at the end he takes a chance and they start dating. I'd like it if Dave was... pessimistic Dave though, nice to the people he likes yet rude to all others.

Katie and/or Sadie

Yeah, we need development on these characters. They haven't done anything relevant or even plot wise, they were really just filler. They could get developed personalities if we see them on their own or together, we just need more screen time on them so we can see their differences other than appearance.


He's a fan favourite and one of the only few in TDRoti to get so much praise. He went early yet he was amazing every second, so I think he deserves another shot.

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