We all know Sky is the most heroic female on the show and I will show her best moments :)

5. The Cruel Dave Torture.

I can't forgive her for her just betraying Dave and getting him all covered in spagetti! I mean I know Jasmine told her to but... Sky? He specifiaclly helped her and they CARE for eachother and she knows he loves her and... yeah...atleast Jasmine had a good reason

4. The Rejection


Dave is obssessed with Sky, she has a reason to be mean, what does she do? Bring up her boyriend Kieth? Tell him that he is being obssessed with her? Why there is no shot? NOPE! All she has to do is tell him they'll never be together and not why.

3. Heroine Kiss


Yeah, you know why this is cruel! Our heroine, kisses Dave, so he will be eager to help her... when she told him he has no shot... and there is also the fact she has a boyfriend...?

2. H-h-how c-c-c-c-cold is my heart-t?


So Shawn talks about getting back with Jasmine and trying to be forgiven... Sky says nothing to make me feel she actually cares for Dave... she only asked one time and completely forgot about him...

1. Wha! Wha! I didn't win!


So when she sees no chance in winning our heroine can finally get my attention and maybe love, but instead she just jumps up and down like a whiny brat...

(This is all my baised opinoin, all for fun)