(I swear, I click the ok button on the 'name your blog' thing and it publishes it.)

I know these My Ideal TD Season can be boring, so I'll make it simple. The idea would probably be Fans vs. Favourites. It basically means, brand new characters as a team, and the other team characters from any one of the generations. It seems like it'd be a great idea as not only do you get brand new and probably entertaining characters that half the fans are begging for, and the other half of the fans get the old characters they love. You could also bring back characters like Dawn (I'm eh on her) and Katie and flesh them out. It is also a good way to get fans attentions back.

If I was to pick the favourites, I'd pick Dave (Bias :D), Ella (That Della plotline could be useful at least), Katie, Eva, Harold, DJ, Jo (We could have her as an antagonist because honestly, why wasn't SHE TDAS's antagonist, it just seems to be a no brainer) and brick and one other character that people want to see more of. It'd just grab the attention of the fans as they WANT to see characters that are not the usual ones. Maybe add Beardo so we can have Harold and him be beat boxing buddies, the characters can interact in many different ways, yet TDAS only had people who knew each other before, talk to the same people. (Well, there were three interactions; Gwen and Zoey/Cameron (Uh...), Heather and Jo (Too good to last) and Scott and Courtney (No one wanted this, and when they FINALLY started getting used to it, you ruin it.)

Now, the fans. I'm not going to just name my own OCs like most people, I'm going to give some ideas. Why not the shy geek? We got Samey but... that doesn't count for reasons in the comments if people care enough to ask. Why not an actual Jock like the ones you see in school... not Lightning or Tyler. Why not the stereotypical Skater? How about a character that pretends to be nice, yet takes advantage of the ones she tricks. There are many you can use, but as long as you don't have bland/unlikable characters, I don't mind.

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