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    I just want to know who all of you think deserve to be back and what they could do.

    Yeah, this plot didn't last long did it? Honestly, I think it could work and also redeem Dave for most of the fan base who hate him. I mean, Ella could try to get with Dave by hanging out with him a lot, and first he's oblivious, then maybe he finds out but is reluctant to take a relationship due to how Skave ended, but at the end he takes a chance and they start dating. I'd like it if Dave was... pessimistic Dave though, nice to the people he likes yet rude to all others.

    Yeah, we need development on these characters. They haven't done anything relevant or even plot wise, they were really just filler. They could get developed personalities if we see them on …

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  • ConkerChu

    Fans vs. Favourites

    June 29, 2015 by ConkerChu

    (I swear, I click the ok button on the 'name your blog' thing and it publishes it.)

    I know these My Ideal TD Season can be boring, so I'll make it simple. The idea would probably be Fans vs. Favourites. It basically means, brand new characters as a team, and the other team characters from any one of the generations. It seems like it'd be a great idea as not only do you get brand new and probably entertaining characters that half the fans are begging for, and the other half of the fans get the old characters they love. You could also bring back characters like Dawn (I'm eh on her) and Katie and flesh them out. It is also a good way to get fans attentions back.

    If I was to pick the favourites, I'd pick Dave (Bias :D), Ella (That Della plotline c…

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  • ConkerChu

    New Godplayers

    June 23, 2015 by ConkerChu

    The Figure Skaters are god-players. It's so obvious! I mean, how can these professional athletes jump like one feet? UNREALISTIC. I mean, if they wanted to not make these characters god-players, they could've gone the Sky route. Sky is an unprofessional yet talented gymnastic who can jump fifty feet in the air, has perfect balance, jumps off trees good and can cheat on a boy very well, but these guys, they are professional athletes and they can jump a couple meters, and can actually get tired (which Sky never does!) These guys are a disgrace to TD!

    • Also, if you can't tell, I'm making fun of the people who state that these new characters are god-players, yet are perfectly fine with Sky's excuse, which is waaaaaaaaaaay weaker than these guys.…
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    Whose best for Gwen?

    June 20, 2015 by ConkerChu

    Now, I saw a blog post that said Trent was best for Gwen, so decided to throw in my two cents as his doesn't make as much sense as mine.

    They can ignore each other better than all other people. Also, Duncan is super loyal and they can both be goth, they're perfect for each other. Why did Gwen brake up with him... oh, yeh.

    Best couple ever. Gwen can change herself for her, like how she changed her entire gothness to be with Courtney. Best straight couple ever.

    Trent is fat, not a good relationship. 

    Gwen's too busy getting ten new boyfriends to spend time with Cody. Cody should move on to Izzy, I've seen them talk never but people ship them before so why not?

    Ever since I've saw these two together, they've been on my mind. Sam and Gwen are my OT…

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  • ConkerChu

    This is not based on the things that happened in Pahkitew

    It started off as a one sided relationship from Sugar's side. And Sky started to fall for Dave. When Sugar saw that she did everything in her power to mess with their relationship. [1]Try after try Sugar just couldn't drive anything between Sky and Dave, so she choose for the final and most riskful getting Dave eliminated. After she succeed in that and Sky found out that it was Sugar's fault she raged! [2]After a long fight Sugar finally confessed her feelings for Sky which confused Sky and they decided to team up after that. Even though sky wasn't always happy about that. [3][4]

    After getting to know each other Sugar asks Sky if she wanted to go out with her, to which Sky didn't know…

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