Recently I've been re-watching Total Drama Island (ahh the old days) and I was wondering, wouldnt it be cool if they made a series following the contestants time at Playa Des Losers kinda like Survivors Ponderosa vids, I think that would be really, really awesome! So it starts with Ezekiel alone relaxing....and then Eva comes and their a big fight between them (maybe she makes him a little less sexist as seen in the special with him, Lindsay and Beth) and then Noah comes and Eva and him bond making one half of the Izzy-Eva-Noah friendship and then Justin who Eva just follows around while Noah reads and Ezekiel "chills" in the hottub followed by Katie is heartbroken about Sadie but gets over it with Justin and then Tyler who misses Lindsay...but I guess he gets over it! and then Cody (seeing as Izzy never goes) who has to recover from his bear injuries...maybe some surgery XD then Beth complaining about Heather followed by Sadie which creates an EEE fest then Courtney who just complains about not winning, then Harold who sneaks of the boat of losers in to the bushes to hide from Courtney! Then Chris chooses Eva and maybe Izzy who has found her way to Playa Des Losers...possibly through a series of challenges! Then Eva returns followed by Trent who spends days writing cheesy songs about Gwen and his heart being broken (vomit) and then Bridgette who gets followed by Ezekiel then Lindsay who is still swaring all the way to Playa Des Losers then DJ who catches up with everyone followed by Izzy who magicly appears at Playa Des Losers then Geoff who is greeted by Bridgette and have their first kiss and then Haut Camp-Ture airs and the contestants explain to Leshawna what happened, then Mr Coconut floats to Playa Des Losers then Duncan screaming his way their scared by Chef/Saquatchanakwa then everyone laughs at Heather being bald...later gets a fully shaved head and somehow gets her wig! Then they all arrive back at Camp Wawanakwa cheer on Owen and Gwen...Owen wins they all go back to Playa Des Losers which shows that clip of Eva and Gwen by the lake and Owen gloating about winning and then the special happens!

Thats something along the lines of how it would go! But wouldnt that be awesome when season 5 finishes they do a whole series on Playa Des Losers:What Really Happened After They Left! P.S. Sorry for the crappy story above (lol lasy)

-- CS2000 Talk to me any time :D 03:07, August 1, 2010 (UTC)

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