Australia cody grabs first sheep

The sheep

I just recently realised that the only relationships Tyler has with anyone is Lindsay which is there relationship page apart from that he has no close friendships! Every friend he has leads to an Everyone friendship page and every conflict he has is the same! I think that he should have atleast one friendship page or even conflict page! His friendship with DJ is now pretty big if you look at the everyone-Dj friendship page, he also has a friendship with Alejandro even though he eventually betrayed him so it's kind of half half! But I think that he should atleast have one detailed friendship or conflict page because every
Emu eats Sierra

Sierra with the Emu

other character does....even Katie and Sadie do! Also in Picnic at Hanging Rock we saw a large ammount of Australian animals I was thinking about making pages about each of them but they all have too minor roles in the show so I was wondering if we should make a page called "List of Australian Animals" or just "List of Animals" because I know we don't have a page for very animal that has appeared in show!

-- CS2000 Talk to me any time :D 05:26, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

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