I've recently been reading through the scoreboards and the comments and decided to give my thoughts of the users and my prediction

Note:Just remember I dont know any of these people so this is a complete guess, Please take no offence if I pin you a being eliminated early.

Lets starts with the Editing Gophers

Courtney~Duncan~TDA "CDTDA" - Great editer, I always notice her edits I think she has a great chance of winning because she adds alot of useful images!

TDA ROCKS - He seems like he can edit quickly because ive been checking the scoreboards and he's pretty good

Mr. Totaldramaman "MTDM" - He has an impressive edit count, I think he might be the one who will play strategicly in this game wether its as an antagonist or a protagonist

TDIFan13 - His edit count is high plus he has a smallish page which gives me the idea that he's very focused on helpful edits and makes them count this may affect him in the game or give him a very long run

TotalDramaFan1000 - I have absolutely no idea about him, I havnt ever seen him on the wiki and possibly new which might not help him

Tdifan24 - He has a very impressive edit count for how reasonably new he is I think he's a formidable competitor

Killer Editors

NinjaIzzy - She seems nice she has one of the highest edit counts in the game which will keep her in the game until the merge (thats if there is one)

Stephen"Zap" - He seems to be working on his Fanfic at moment which in my opinion is a very good way to boost up your edit count

KittyTDA98 - She has a fenominal edit count seeing as she has been on the wikia for about a month

Ragingblaze592 - I havnt been noticing his edits alot lately unlike everyone else so I dont know he might need to be a social player if he's going to survive

Kevvy9 - He has a pretty minor edit count which will probably get him eliminated early but I apllaud him for giving it a go

Lindsayfan271 - He seems very enthusiastic about everything which I love, I think his social game might also help him alot if that becomes his strategy aswell as editing ofcourse.

Predictions for elimination

Eliminated First - Kevvy9 - Im rooting for him to get far but he's an easy target to get rid of which will probably get him eliminated early on

Eliminated Second - KittyTDA98 - Even though her edit count is high I think that unless she becomes social she'll go around this point of the game

Eliminated Third - TotalDramaFan1000 - Dont notice his edits theyre not very high I dont think not very social either pretty much just waiting to be booted

Eliminated Fourth - Raginblaze592 - I think this will be a turning point for the Killer Editors choosing between LindsayF271 and RagingB592 I think they'll eliminate him because of LindsayF271's social game which will help him alot!

Eliminated Fifth - Tdifan24 - I think he'll be eliminated really by the fault because somehow I think there might be an alliance happening between some of the other member by this stage

Eliminated Sixth - tdifan13 - It would seem logical to get rid of him just before the merge because once he reaches the merge with such a high edit count he'll probably edit like no-one else and win it


Eliminated Seventh - Stephen "Zap" - I think "Zap" will be a huge threat in the game and his edit count will grow quickly, I think everyone will realise this and eliminate him

Eliminated Eighth - NinjaIzzy - With the odds against the Killer Directors with them one member down and NinjaIzzy having the highest edit count they'll get rid of her

Eliminated Ninth - TDA ROCKS - Somehow LindsayFan271 will be able to pull through this elimination, I think that MTDM and CDTDA will team up and get rid of him

Eliminated Tenth/Third Place - Lindsayfan271 - Unfortunately with the odds against him theres no where to run and he'll be eliminated

Eliminated Eleventh/Second Place - MTDM - I dont know how first and second place will be decided probably highest edit count but currently CDTDA has a higher edit count so she wins!

Winner/FirstPlace - CDTDA - CONGRATULATIONS Courtney~Duncan~TDA

Note: The merge eliminations to me are unknown how the votes will go wether it will be the lowest two people with the lowest edits counts will be up for the vote or wether it will be just a straight up vote and someone gets immunity the one that I did is the straigh up vote 1!

Alternate Top 3 senarios

Eliminated Tenth/Third Place - CDTDA - MTDM will consider that CDTDA has the highest edit count and team up with LindsayF271 and vote her out

Eliminated Eleventh/Second Place - LindsayF271 - MTDM has a higher edit count

Winner/First Place - CONGRATS MrTotaldramaman

The third senario

Eliminated Tenth/Third Place - MTDM - CDTDA and LindsayF271 will realise that MTDM is an antagonist/strategist and vote him out

Eliminated Eleventh/Second Place - CDTDA - LindsayF271 pulls out of no where all these edits in the couple final weeks and wins

Winner/First Place - LindsayF271 - CONGRATULATIONS Lindsayfan271

Note: Sorry MTDM as pinpointing you as the antagonist it was really just random haha and also to the people who get eliminated earlyish in the prediction please dont take offence and also note I dont know how elimination will work

Hope you Enjoyed the prediction please comment and make your won


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