I was just thinking it's quite ironic that the two people that actually wanted Gwen too stay in Picnic at Hanging Rock caused her elimination! Duncan threw the dingo at Cody causing him to fall off the cliff and letting Team Chris win it also made him kinda odd in the elimination ceremony causing him to vote for Sierra causing the tie thus eliminating Gwen! Im glad Gwen left she wasn't bringing much too the show anymore apart from the whole DxG thing which was really overated! Anyway on another note Australia wasn't the merge episode so will Sweden Sour be? Because the merge seems to be really late this season cause they brung it up at DJ's elimination episode! Since then Noah, Tyler and Gwen have been eliminated so when will it be? Also I made an Australian userbox

just write IAMAUSTRALIAN with {{}} surrounding it! I thought Picnic at Hanging Rock was a good episode but there was ALOT of animals Emus, Dingos, Sheep, Kangaroos and Koalas! Anyway im looking forward to Sweden I think it will be the merger!

-- CS2000 Talk to me any time :D 19:47, August 18, 2010 (UTC)

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