Just recently RagingBlaze592 was eliminated from Countdown to 10,000 in a twist of events he ended up being in elimination and eliminated due to being the threat in the game, so heres my exit interview with him,

CS2000: Do you think you had what it takes to win the competition?

RagingBlaze: Yes, I did. I had the necessary editing skills to win.

CS2000: If TDA ROCKS didn’t return who did you want to return?

RagingBlaze: MTDM deserved to return because he knows how to edit and was eliminated far too early.

CS2000: Which elimination did you not like the most?

RagingBlaze: Lindsayfan271’s elimination. I didn’t want to vote her out.

CS2000: Who do you think will win?

RagingBlaze: The only competitor still in the competition that deserves to win is CD-TDA.

CS2000: Who in your opinion is the biggest threat left in the game?

RagingBlaze: The biggest threat left in the game in my opinion is TDA ROCKS.

CS2000: For future contestants of this competition do you have any advice?

RagingBlaze: For the future contestants, here’s my advice. The first step to becoming a great editor is that you need the willpower to edit. Without that, you can’t edit.

CS2000: Were you apart of any alliances during the competition?

RagingBlaze: Well, I was part of two alliances. The first alliance I was a part of was Lindsayfan271’s alliance, before I voted him out. Then, I was a part of Tdifan24’s alliance, until I betrayed him and voted him out.

CS2000: Did you have a conflict with anyone in the competition? (Be honest)

RagingBlaze: Not a conflict, but more of a rivalry with CD-TDA and TDA ROCKS.

CS2000: Do you think you edited to the best of your ability?

RagingBlaze: I did edit to the best of my ability.

CS2000: How did it feel to break an editing record in the competition?

RagingBlaze: Breaking an editing record feels awesome. It shows that you have worked hard to find edits. It also shows that you have set goals in order to break an editing record and it shows that you have the willpower to break a editing record.

CS2000: Did you have a strategy in the game, such as strategies on how to get more edits?

RagingBlaze: One of my strategies to find edits is that I would try to find words and punctuation to edit. For this strategy, I would look at an entire article to find any words or punctuation to change. If I find lots of words or punctuation that needs to be changed, I would edit them. If i’m only able to find one word or a punctuation mark to edit, I would mark them a minor edit.

CS2000: Do you think this competition was a good idea?

RagingBlaze: The competition was a good idea and it made me into a better editor, more active editor and it boosted my mainspace edit count. Ragingblaze goes to war When noble dragon flies east & CS2000 Talk to me any time ;D 13:34, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

Thanx for reading, make sure you follow the final 4 on their way too the finals!

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