As you might know (If you follow Countdown to 10,000...which I do!) NinjaIzzy quit the competition to let TotalDramaFan1000 continue, so I decided to interview her about her time in the comp! Enjoy,

CS2000: If you continued in the competition how long do you think you would've survived?

NinjaIzzy: Not long. XD

CS2000: If TDA ROCKS didnt return who would you want to return?

NinjaIzzy: MTDM

CS2000: Which elimination did you not like the most?

NinjaIzzy: Stephen"Zap"s :(

CS2000: Who do you think will win?

NinjaIzzy: Ragingblaze

CS2000: Will Ragingblaze's winning streak continue?

NinjaIzzy: Yes

CS2000: For future contestants of this competition do you have any advice?

NinjaIzzy: Make sure your computer doesn't break down during the competion. ;)

CS2000: Why did you let TDF1000 continue in the competition, do you have a secret friendship?

NinjaIzzy: Secret Friendship? O.o What's so secret about being friends, well I wanted him to have another chance, plus it's just a game nothin' too big. :\

CS2000: Did you have a conflict with anyone in the competition? (I know alot of people had fights)

NinjaIzzy: Nope. :)

CS2000: Do you think you edited to the best of your ability?

NinjaIzzy: No. :s

CS2000: Do you think this competition was a good idea?

NinjaIzzy: Yep. :D

--Nurse NIzzy! Who wants some CPR? *puts poison lipstick on* XD & CS2000 Talk to me any time ;D 10:01, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

Thanx for reading, make sure you follow the final 5 on their way to the final!

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