Well guys, as I said earlier last week. Once countdown finishes I will be leaving the wiki. This blog makes it official.

I will be contactable on Youtube and Deviantart if you want to stay in touch. Which I hope alot of us will :D

Although I wouldn't be surprised if I popped into the IRC now and again, as I could never truely leave you guys ;).

Over the years....well one or two xD I've made alot of great friends and I'd like to thank all of you for those experiences. Most noteably, the people in Countdown had made me feel welcome in the wiki as before that I was a noob and TOTALLY DISLIKED >:o lol.

Anyways (italian accent) ITSA BEEN FUN GUYS~

PS. My username on all websites is Comicstrip2000.

PSS. Lol, I really wanted to make this longer but im lazy and theres not alot more to add!

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