"Omg who makes two leaving blogs" -Troll.


Now I'm making another one just because the last one wasnt dramatic enough or long enough xDD "And this time I want you all to cry!"

Special Mentions~

  • Tdilover7 - A true friend on the wiki, the only person who commented on my fanfic (even though is was boring and not well written). We used to discuss what had happened in it which I loved, I miss you alot :(
  • Calvin - You were probably my first real "idol" I suppose on the wiki. I really wanted to be you on the wiki one day. You were the reason I kept editing and stayed on the wiki for the year and a bit I did.
  • Poli - Although we only became friends recently our friendship is one I value the most on the wiki. We had some fun times in the IRC. Hope to speak to you soon!
  • AJ - Same with Poli pretty much, although im still mad you betrayed me on Countdown (just kidding I understand xDD) we really did become great friends and also had some nice time on the IRC.
  • Ishni - I always loved your cyber huggles~ haha. You were definetly the life of the wiki and countdown, congrats on winning you definetly played the best strategic and social game.
  • Silver, OHF and Mikey - (Anyone get the feeling alot of these peeps are from countdown) again great friends on countdown you guys always kept me on my game although we were hardly on the same side at any point of the competition, lol.
  • Nalyd and Webkinz - I learnt, as I did with Calvin, alot from you guys. You aswell as FH, but we didnt get along so well haha, were the guys in charge when I first came so I really wanted to be sitting where you guys were at the time. Thanx for explaining alot to me aswell when I first came, what a noob xDDD.
  • Ryan - We had a few times here and there on the IRC but when we did they were hilarious. The fights that went on were so laughable and we always acted so serious and then Pm eachother saying how funny it was~
  • Last but no least everyone who probably deserves a mention but im tired so im no longer typing - thanx you guys ;)))

The TRUE 100% goodbye

Well this is it guys, although im leaving without making an impact historically and without accomplishing half the stuff I wished to (Rollback, Admin, Beaurecreat and FU) I think this is the right time to end my "TDW Career" it just feels right, lol. So thanks you guys for being so nice for a year and a bit of my life and having to put up with me (sorry about that :P). Cya~


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