Okay Im going to do Power Rankings and prediction first,


Killer Editors

4. NinjaIzzy - She has no where to run shes most likely going next time Killer Editors go to elimination

3. KittyTDA98 - No longer the swing vote but I do congratulate her on her very impressive edit count this week!

2. Lindsayfan271 - I dunno where he stands but im pretty sure he has a good alliance

1. RagingBlaze592 - No fights, kind of under the radar, ive only heard his name once for elimination due to his high edits but other than that he's in a good spot

Editing Gophers

5. TDAROCKS - everyone seems to want him gone so unless he uses this 'alliance' of his, he's done for

4. TotalDramaFan1000 - Lowish edit count meaning he'll be an easy target for future team eliminations

3. Tdifan24 - He's in a fight with TDAROCKS at the moment which doesnt help, also all his allaince member seem to have ditched him

2. Courtney~Duncan~TDA - Shes in the middle of a fight between TDAROCKS and tdifan24, plus shes been targetted by TDAROCKS a few times

1. Tdifan13 - No fights, No switches in alliances he's in a good position at the moment (under the radar)

Prediction (havent been following the edits this week so randomly guessing which team will be going to elimination this week)

Eliminated First: Kevvy9 - Yep just as I guessed gone first...

Eliminated Second: Mr.TotalDramaMan - Surprising elimination!

Eliminated Third: Stephen "Zap" - Saw it coming

Eliminated Fourth: NinjaIzzy - As I said as good as done

Eliminated Fifth: TDAROCKS - Big target on his back not to mention he's a threat

Eliminated Sixth: Tdifan24 - He's more of a threat than TotalDramaFan1000 which is why he is eliminated


Eliminated Seventh: Tdifan13 - massive threat especially in the merge

Eliminated Eighth: TotalDramaFan1000 - Easy target

Eliminated Ninth: RagingBlaze592 - Huge Threat


Eliminated Tenth/Third: KittyTDA98 - Not enough edits to advance to the final 2

Eliminated Eleventh/Second: LindsayFan271 - CDTDA has more edits


Elimination:No Surprise, I was kind fo expecting it

Votes: Everyone voted "Zap" which I wasnt expecting from NinjaIzzy, There was pros and cons in voting "zap", a con was now she is outnumbered as most likely going next time her team goes to elimination, pros her and "zap" were outnumbered by LF271 and Blaze so she was most likely going to have to do this anyway but now that "Zap" is gone she is going to have to keep her team going to elimination till the merge otherwise shes gone most likely!!

On a last note a massive fight has been going on between TDAROCKS and Tdifan24 which could leave the two in a tight position, apparently Tdifan24 started the fight and TDAROCKS replied thus starting a fight. Both of them have blurted out secrets that not even I knew about. C~D~TDA was accused of switching alliances which she denied and tried to become the peace maker. Tdifan24 has tried to become friends with TDAROCKS again but TDAROCKS did not accept. I dont know how the fight is going wether it is resolved oor not but from what I haave seen there a little better now, C~D~TDA has also stated that TDAROCKS lied when he accused CDTDA of switching alliances it is unknown wether this was the truth or just strategy,



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