Hello again, I decided to update this every week to discuss some thoughts about the elimination, votes, edit count and update my prediction

Elimination, The elimination wasnt much of a shocker as I predicted Kevvy9 would go with 4/6 votes (counting his vote) im surprised he signed up with him now being inactive so there was no hope for him much

Votes, Now this is what will stir up the game! Unfortuantely you cannot block pages from people on this wiki which means everyone in the contest can see who's plotting against them and one of the biggest mistakes in the competition was LindsayFan271 voting NinjaIzzy he better apologise quickly otherwise he'll be next, Im sure he didnt know who to vote for and it was just a random vote but still If someone voted me off I'd be pissed

Edit Counts and thoughts on the players, WOW looking at the edit count was very surprising, number 1 spot is none other than TDA ROCKS yes I was surprised! 167 edits in one week now thats impressive! in second place is Raginblaze592, Im sorry I underestimated him because he is on his way to the winning spot and front runner for the Killer Editors. In third spot is Courtney~Duncan~TDA, very impressive edit count but its a good strategy to stay around third to fifth spot under the radar not looking like much of a threat but just high enough to not get voted because of low edit count goood work CDTDA! In fourth place is NinjaIzzy with exactly 100 edits as I said good strategy but still impressive edit wise! In fifth place is LindsayFan27, hopefully being reasonably high on the leader board will save him from going next after the mistake of the vote. In sixth place just making the top half of the pack is TDIFan13, his edit count wasnt as high as I thought it would be, I honestly thought he'd be around the hundreds, In seventh place is TotalDramaFan1000, man this guy is fighting his way up to the top of the leader board Ive just gotta say good luck to him because so far he's doing a good job!!! In Eigth place is Tdifan24, I think he could do alot better than what he's doing now, now im pitting you as the underdog of the Editing Gophers and no-one wants that title! In ninth place is Stephen"Zap", what happened to this guy If youre gonna make it to the merge you need to do better than that! In tenth place is Mr.TotalDramaMan with 3 edits thats right 3 edits, I think he can step up his game! In eleventh place is KittyTDA98 with....1 edit so far my first two eliminations are looking right because of this, she better hope that her team wins otherwise youre a goner! And in last place and unfortunately now eliminated is Kevvy9 with 0 edits, I hace no idea what happened I thought that he could pull through atleast one elimination, I was actually interested to see how far he got.....and now I know -_-

New Prediction, Due to looking at the new edit count some spots have changed

Eliminated First: Kevvy9 - Yep just as I guessed gone first...

Eliminated Second: TdiFan24 - I think that the Killer Editors will win this week and Mr.TotalDramaMan will (hopefully) pick up his edit count and he'll be eliminated

Eliminated Third: KittyTDA98 - Well your team has to lost sometime and when they do your most likely gone

Eliminated Fourth: LindsayFan271 - You know we'll see how NinjaIzzy reacts to his vote against her plus im judging this early on in the week so I dont know yet

Eliminated Fifth: TdiFan13 - I think that MTDM and TDM1000 will pull through leaving him as the weakest :/

Eliminated Sixth: Stephen"Zap" - If it comes down to him, Ragingblaze and NinjaIzzy he's gone


Eliminated Seventh: RagingBlaze592 - The Screaming Editors have the majority and they'll use that to get him voted out

Eliminated Eighth: Mr.TotalDramaMan - NinjaIzzy will win immunity somehow because she's very determined and he'll just be the easiest target

Eliminated Ninth: NinjaIzzy - Out numbered by the opposing team which mean she's doomed at this point


Eliminated Tenth/3rd Place: TotalDramaFan1000 - Lowest edit count meaning that he cant win

Eliminated Eleventh/ 2nd Place: TDA ROCKS - Unfortunately CDTDA overtakes you during the final weeks

Winner/First Place: Once again your winning in my prediction!

Note: Sorry if you get a bad spot or take offence to my thoughts on your edits please note its just a game and im just telling the '''''truth :P

Once again hope you enjoyed my new prediction come back next week when I'll re-do it once again


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