Hello everyone once again im here to talk about the most recent elimination, votes, predictions just basic stuff

Elimination: Well unexpectedly Mr.TotalDramaMan got voted out, im a bit surprised because this week because I thought he'd step it up this week plus apparently he had an alliance who later voted him out

Votes: lately ive been doing some research in to alliances and I found out one alliance in perticular and it turns out they voted there alliance member 'MTDM' which was a bit of a surprise personally if I was in an alliance I would keep my alliance members

time for the prediction and a new section power rankings :D


Editing Gophers

5. Tdifan24 - I think he's getting a bit too big for his boots personally I think he should go

4. TDA Rocks - He's a threat with around 100 edits per week also Tdifan24 is pissed that he voted for him besically giving him a death mark

3. TotalDramaFan1000 - Under the radar at the moment which helps and luckily he just doesnt have the lowesr edit count

2. Tdifan13 - All I know that he has a good edit count and thats why he's so high

1. Courtney~Duncan~TDA - She's playing a perfect game at the moment which may get her seen as a threat but at the moment I dont think that anyone wants her gone while their in teams

Killer Editors

5. Stephen "Zap" - Low edit count pretty much sums it up

4. NinjaIzzy - Only this low because of the top 3!

3. Ragingblaze592 - He has a high edit count which makes him a threat once he makes the merge he's as good as gone

2. Lindsayfan271 - Great socialiser, Very friendly and has GREAT edit count

1. KittyTDA98 - She'll be the Killer Editors swing vote next time they go to elimination which gives her the most power in the game at this point

Prediction Time :D

Eliminated First: Kevvy9 - Yep just as I guessed gone first...

Eliminated Second: Mr.TotalDramaMan - Surprising elimination!

Eliminated Third: Tdifan24 - Im sticking with him going first, hopefully someone flips votes

Eliminated Fourth: TotalDramaFan1000 - Lowest edit count after Tdifan24 is gone

Eliminated Fifth: Stephen "Zap" - KittyTDA98 is the swing vote and votes Zap

Eliminated Sixth: NinjaIzzy - LF271 and Raginblaze + KittyTDA98 team up and vote her off


Eliminated Seventh: TDA ROCKS - Massive threat!

Eliminated Eighth: Tdifan13 - Also a massive threat!

Eliminated Ninth: NinjaIzzy - KittyTDA98 - CDTDA, LF271 and Raginblaze will team up and vote her out


Eliminated Tenth/3rd Place: Raginblaze592 - CDTDA and LF271 vote him out because of his HIGH edit count

Eliminated Eleventh/ 2nd Place: Lindsayfan271 - CDTDA HAD MORE EDITS!

Winner/First Place: Courtney~Duncan~TDA - Congrats for the third time!

Please comment, rate and .....whatever!

Note: Please make note that im trying to keep your alliances as down low as possible!

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