Well I'm back I've sort of been lurking around now and again fixing my fanfiction and stuff but yes now I'm officially back as I knew I would for TDRI (I'm surprised more old users haven't returned lately actually) anywho, I thought I should start off by ranking the TDRI contestants I think I'm going to do it by episode so yeah.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Plot Thoughts

I thought this episode was pretty good considering it was the first one. I thought most of the characters got pretty well characterised in preperation of what was to be expected of them in the coming episodes. I also thought that an elimination on the first episode was a good idea entertainment wise, but with character development not so much.

Challenge Thoughts

I thought the challenge was okay, I thought that they recycled alot of ideas though for it. When they were going down the hill it reminded me so much of the taboggan race in Who Can You Trust? that they had to do blindfolded though. I liked that they had to cut the totem down from the tree instead of Chris just giving it to them, it was a good way to add in some hilarity I suppose. I think winning the cabin was a good idea too, but ofcourse it got destroyed lol.

Elimination Thoughts

I think that they did the elimination pretty well, the new process of the toxic marshmallow I thought was clever. As well as the fact that they now have Chris Head Immunity Idol which I thought was a sweet idea (obviously survivor inspired). I also think they did a pretty good job not making the elimination too obvious I mean Staci and Dakota both did pretty horribly in the challenge so it wasn't a clear choice.

Character Rankings

Mutant Maggots

1. Jo - Jo straight away comes off as the strongest character of the Mutant Maggots, from being team leader to criticising just about everyone on her team you know straight away what you're getting with Jo which I liked.

2. Anne Maria - Anne Maria even without talking in the opening you know is going to be a fun character by spraying Dakota and Staci down. I think her on the trampoline was hilarious and her lack of concentration to get the money if it costs her, her looks was classic.

3. Brick - Brick you just immediately want to root for when he comes on screen, he clearly tries his best but doesn't do too well at much. He's clearly our injury prone contestant this season.

4. Mike - Mike comes in to the competition already being quite developed and complicated with his multiple personalities. I think he did pretty well in the challenge and I'm glad he atleast tried to get up there haha.

5. Cameron - Cameron is already the under dog as soon as they get in the boat needing to get rescued by Lightning. So I didn't really like Cameron as I just don't really like underdogs as a whole, I think they whine alot. But I give him props for trying to help in the challenge and possibly winning it for them had Anne Maria not interrupted, haha.

6. Zoey - I don't think we got much from Zoey, her whole thing coming in was liking Mike from the get go. The only sign of depth in Zoey is her talk with Dawn who mentions that she's an only child. Other than that she just follows Mike around and relies on him to save her butt i.e. the totem poll.

Toxic Rats

1. Dakota - I think that of all the characters on the show, she got characterised the best. Her not knowing how to use a saw was hilarious and I thought it was a great way to imply how clueless Dakota truely is.

2. Dawn - Dawn despite not getting a hell of alot of screen time got important screentime which is what matters. We saw that she had some unique talents like being able to meditate in the air and reading people's auras. Overall she clearly has a good heart despite her strange nature.

3. Scott - Love him or hate him we know what were getting with Scott and I was impressed seeing as he was the only one that actually strategised on the team. His smugness though comes off a bit sleazy which puts him down in my rankings a bit.

4. Sam - I felt like Sam did pretty well in terms of development, straight away he forms a crush on Dakota which is pretty obvious. Aswell as trying to save all his electronics and he single handedly held up his whole team on his shoulders, so yeah he did pretty well.

5. B - Even without talking we get that B is pretty nice and caring while being incredibly smart by helping his team win, but without talking we don't get alot out of his character.

6. Lightning - I don't think Lightning has any distinct personality traits and that's why he's low. I mean he has his sport and he had the gag with Cameron about his gender but apart from being the strength for his team he doesn't have alot of depth, that's why he's quite low.

7. Staci - You can tell straight away that Staci was made specially to be the first character voted out. She's pretty annoying and purposely made to be an unlikeable character so the audience won't be dissapointed when she's gone. I'm glad she went first as she wouldn't have added anything to the show.

Cameo Thoughts

Despite being short I felt Owen's cameo was needed to explain why the contestants weren't in this season.

Episode Score

7.5/10 - This episode had good character development for most and despite recycling some ideas the episode meshed well together and managed to explain why the old contestants weren't competing which I was surprised by.

Truth or Laser Shark

Plot Thoughts

This episode again was pretty good, I thought that the idea of revealing characters secrets was a smart idea for a challenge and a way to get to know the characters better. I also liked that they had a lot of interactions between campers in this episode instead of alot of it getting taken up by the challenges.

Challenge Thoughts

The first challenge as I mentioned I thought was a good way of getting to know the campers, I however thought it was just a more dangerous version of the challenge in No Pain, No Game. The second challenge I thought was pretty good not very original as they clearly got ideas from Wipeout but I liked that they added the glasses and the mascots to the challenge which I did think was pretty original.

Elimination Thoughts

I thought that despite not being very suspenseful, as we all had a pretty good idea of who was going due to the scene before the campfire ceremony, it was a pretty good elimination. I also really like the hurling off the island idea, I thought it was such a Chris thing to do.

Character Rankings

Mutant Maggots

1. Brick - I thought we got a lot out of Brick this episode, he demonstrates that he's atleast thinking about the competition when he says that Jo is his biggest competition. You also can't help but feel sorry for him in the challenge when he fails but tries so hard and during the truth challenge when we find out about his urinary problem, haha.

2. Jo - Not far behind Brick is Jo, I like that she is also taking the competition seriously and makes her whole team stay on the platform for the truthful challenge. She also seems to have very good observational skills that we saw with her and Brick.

3. Anne Maria - I was dissapointed we didn't get a whole lot of her this episode but she still managed to deliver. Like talking to B and getting angry because he's so shy haha, trying to jump off the platform and not really caring if her team wins or not. I thought she did really well in the challenge considering she couldn't see.

4. Mike - Again we get alot out of Mike this episode, like his new personality Svetlana who does really well in the challenge by the way. His relationship with Zoey progresses some more as well. He's this low though because of the truthful challenge where he was willing to lose because of his secret about the personalities. Seriously I thought it was stupid, who is going to care?

5. Cameron - I still don't like Cameron the underdog but I will give him credit for this episode. I liked that he noticed the changes in Mike during the challenge and he also did pretty well during the obstacle course despite being weak.

6. Zoey - Still the weakest character on her team, just because she can't get away from Mike. She improved a little bit though during this episode, like her conversation with Anne Maria and thanking Brick for winning the challenge. She also proved herself worthy by fighting off those beavers I suppose.

Toxic Rats

1. Dakota - I loved Dakota even more this episode, I thought that despite being a fame monger she's incredibly genuine. Like with Sam, although she tried to be nice to him she couldn't come up with anything nice to say to him, haha. Also she didn't hide the fact that she's here for the fame and not the game. I was dissapointed when she got eliminated, but thought it was the right time. I also have to say that the beauty sleep scene was hilarious.

2. Sam - I loved this episode for Sam, his crush on Dakota develops more and seems to defend her when she's up for elimination. I loved his comment about Scott kissing a gentleman, haha. I thought is was pretty funny that he farted on his first date.

3. Dawn - I thought that this episode was reasonably good for her, despite not getting shown a whole lot. Her sticking up for B was nice aswell as wanting to eliminate Dakota, but only for her own safety and not because she lost the challenge for her. Her scene in the morning with Dakota was pretty funny aswell, it's cool that she can speak to animals.

4. Scott - This episode was pretty lousy for Scott, I mean his strategy to eliminate his team is pretty stupid. I also thought it was pretty horrible of him to make B look bad but atleast it was a strategy. I still like however that he's playing the game while others still think that they will make it to the end without playing the game.

5. Lightning - I thought that this episode was pretty lousy for Lightning too, not only that he pretty much fail in the challenge he bagged out all of his team. I'm surprised that they didn't vote him out straight after that. I did like that he atleast wanted to win the challenge by not letting anyone quit.

6. B - As I've said before, he can't speak so there isn't a lot I can say about him. I thought it was funny that his name was actually Beverly and thought it was smart of him to make that dummy of the female beaver, but his inability to speak is really dragging him down for me.

Cameo Thoughts

No-one cameod which I was dissapointed in, but there was really no need for one.

Episode Score

7.0 - I wouldn't rate this as a fantastic episode as I didn't think alot happened to do with the characters but I feel like everything progressed the way it should and it was pretty funny as well, even I laughed and I usually don't as it can sometimes be quite immature.

Ice Ice Baby


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