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    TDI Expirience

    September 19, 2010 by Codyisawesome

    Not So Happy Campers Part 1 - Maddie is seen grabbing the railing on the boat and enjoying the wind blowing on her face, as the same music plays when Duncan hugs the Celine Dion Cardboard Standee in Phobia Factor. Cody and Noah's eyes widen and thier faces grow big smiles. She steps off the boat with lots of lime-green suitcases and says hello to Chris shyly. She immediately befriends Gwen, Trent, Cody, and Noah.

    She is happy to be put on the Screaming Gophers with her new friends. Chris introduces her and the girls from Team Amazon to thier cabin. She spots a cockroach and shrieks loudly. Cody squishes the bug with her foot and she hugs and thanks him.

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  • Codyisawesome


    September 18, 2010 by Codyisawesome

    Maddi is seen relaxing in first class, happy that Cody had chosen her to be in first class with him. She states that she's so glad that nobody's bugging her to form an alliance and thanks Cody. Then Chris announces the final four will be flying to Las Vegas.

    Her face freezes into a disgusted, frightened expression when Chris announces that the challenge will be preforming on a stage, then has a terrible flash-back of a school play in the third grade. In her flash-back she is seen as a 9-year-old in a cow costume singing about milk. She then trips over a rope and the audience laughs at her. Her flash-back ends and she states that she never sang or danced again.

    In Sometimes You Must, she is main singer and preforms a dance very similar to theā€¦

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