This song parody was made by me and it is very epic...

Jackson: Ja-ja-ja-ja Jackson-rific is my name! Editing the wiki is my game! Invading your computer with my Jackson-rific brain!

Owen: Ja-Jackson-rific! So-so-so terrific! Jackson: I'm awe-awe-awesome! Awesome! :D

Courtney: This is soooooo unfair! He has way to epic hair! D: Chris: Hair?! He always wears a hat! And did you know he likes to chat?!

Owen: The Jackson-rific! Heather: M-m-make me si-ick!

Jackson: I'm awe-awe-awesome! Awesome! Get me a non-minor, mainspace edit, on the Total Drama Wiki! I'm sometimes specific! Owen: He's Jackson-rific!

Duncan: So-so horrific.

Jackson: I'm awe-awe-awe--

Cody: Who's that guy again?

Jackson: WHAT?!?! Who am I? WHO AM I?! Who are you?! I am an editor and rollback on the Total Drama Wiki! I made this song parody! I make people artwork for free! It's a fact and scientific, that I'm still Jackson-rific!

Random Fans: He is so awesome! Turns out he is so awesome! :D

And this what Codyfan9000 does when CN doesn't give us any info about TD:RI. That is all!

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