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  • Codyfan9000

    Apologies ^^;

    May 14, 2013 by Codyfan9000

    Sooo uhm... xD

    I haven't been on here as much as I have been wanting to, and that's because I'm a bit caught up on some things. I'm almost done with school, so that's a pain with all the semester tests and everything. I'm also in this spriting (pixel art) tournament on Neoseeker that I'm trying to win (probably won't xD) so that's keeping me a bit.

    I'll try to come on the IRC or Wiki Chat when I can, but I'm just inactive for this week, and I should be back active next week. :)

    Thanks for understanding. ;)

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  • Codyfan9000

    One year ago on August 10, 2011, I joined this wiki. And now, I am celebrating my first wiki-versary! :D I'd like to thank everyone the wiki. But here's some people I'd like to give a little shout-out to. :3 (NOT in order)

    • WebkinzMania, neko-naito, Breakingmikey, Kgman04, TotalDramaAddict, Aimers, Owen Lover, Duncanjustin, MPS2001, Musou, GleekForTheater, Bridgette_dj10, Bigez620, Bbhinton15, CD-TDA, Jam7, Mygeto, Nalyd Renrut, XoTulleMorXo, Fedora Kid, *~*~ishni*~*~, TDA-ROCKS, Dakotacoons, TDIFan13, Oatmeal-, TheZobe, and a lot of other people I probably forgot to mention. DX
    • If I forgot anyone, please notify me, and I'll try to add you.

    Again, thank you all for letting me have this great experience on the wiki!

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  • Codyfan9000

    I'm so bored :'(

    July 31, 2011 by Codyfan9000
    This song parody was made by me and it is very epic...

    Jackson: Ja-ja-ja-ja Jackson-rific is my name! Editing the wiki is my game! Invading your computer with my Jackson-rific brain!

    Owen: Ja-Jackson-rific! So-so-so terrific! Jackson: I'm awe-awe-awesome! Awesome! :D

    Courtney: This is soooooo unfair! He has way to epic hair! D: Chris: Hair?! He always wears a hat! And did you know he likes to chat?!

    Owen: The Jackson-rific! Heather: M-m-make me si-ick!

    Jackson: I'm awe-awe-awesome! Awesome! Get me a non-minor, mainspace edit, on the Total Drama Wiki! I'm sometimes specific! Owen: He's Jackson-rific!

    Duncan: So-so horrific.

    Jackson: I'm awe-awe-awe--

    Cody: Who's that guy again?

    Jackson: WHAT?!?! Who am I? WHO AM I?! Who are you?! I am an editor and …

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  • Codyfan9000

    And now for the not-so-good return of Jackson. Yes, I am back from a long break that was taken for no reason. I guess I was a little busy. But now I am back, and shall edit once again for TDROTI!

    And of course, I was attacked many times in the IRC. *cough*aimers*cough* And since I'm back I shall keep my hat on my head and away from neko (and all the other hat stealers like Musou). :<

    And that is how lame Codyfan9000 is at returning to places. :p

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  • Codyfan9000


    April 19, 2011 by Codyfan9000

    Okay, so I bet some of you have noticed I've been a little inactive lately. That's because last week my computer broke down. I have no clue how, it just did. And now I have to use a different computer. Another reason I am sorta inactive is because I'm sick. I had to skip school yesterday because of it.

    I know I haven't been on for a week, but please forgive me. I will try to be a lot more active, and when TD:RI airs, I will be back editing a lot more. Please forgive me for the inconvenience, thank you.

    Sincerely, Codyfan9000

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