Edit: If you REALLY want to bash on Mike and Zoey, then go to SOMEONE ELSE'S blog, because this blog is NOT FOR YOU!

Ok, so many people say that TDAS finale is one of the worst, if not, THE worst finale that the show has ever done. However, I've learned that people have said the same thing about S3's finale. So, let me ask you guys. which is worse? TDAS finale or TDWT finale? And before you Mike and Zoey haters find this an oppurtinity to bash on them for the one billionth time (I'm looking at you, Bigez), I want you guys to ONLY focus the episodes as themselves and NOT THE FINAL 2 CONTESTANTS. As an, I want you guys to focus only 4 MAJOR ASPECTS on both of these finales, which are:

  1. The execution
  2. The humor
  3. The challenge(s)
  4. The outcome(s)

There you go. I'm really curious what are your thoughts on these finale. What's uuuup?!!! It's Codykins 14:44, December 6, 2013 (UTC)

BTW, just to make things clear here, I DON'T HATE Bigez AS A PERSON. I was just making fun of the fact that he is the biggest Mike and Zoey hater of all time. I really do respect his opinion. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THE JOKE THAT I MENTIONED ABOVE SO SERIOSLY.

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