Before any of you guys freak out, no I am NOT spoiling what happened in episode 15 of Ridonculous Race that was uploaded online. What I am going to address however is the one complaint people have been saying about throughout the episode, and it's the voice narration.

For those who are trying avoid spoilers, fans have been noticing that there was a random voice explaining the actions within the episode. I have noticed this as well when I watched this on Xfinity's On Demand and I was wondering if there's a reason for it. But then I remember back to 2010 when Christian Potenza was showing a couple behind the scenes on TDWT and he revealed the intro for it.

Now, if you skip to 2:48 and listen really carefully, you'll hear the voice narration on it as well. So really, the voice narration thing is rather a post production/storyboard to finished animation thing that happens in animation. And Fresh accindently send it to CN without noticing by mistake. Hopefully, CN will tell Fresh about this before it airs on Thursday.

That is all got. I just felt like addressing something to the fans because why not? =P

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