Well, what ya know, Alex Ganetakos wrote episode 12, huh? Look, I'm gonna be blunt here, ever since Hawaiian Punch, I've became less of a fan of his/her writing "talent". And according to the reception of S4 & 5 from fans, his/her writing is starting to decline. Granted, there were some decent episodes here and ,spoilers, episode 12 was actually pretty decent. But my gripe with Ganetakos' writing "style" is with his/her ideas for season finales. His/her ideas has some potential (with characters, interactions,challenges and outcomes), but those ideas are HORRIBLY executed. Not to mention that it has some TERRIBLE outcomes for the contestants. Do I even have to bring up the Reset Button fiasco?

With that being said, if the Reset Button is considered the absolute worst thing that the show has ever spewed, then I consider episode 13 at least up there. No, I'm not joking. I hate this episode with a burning passion. Mainly because of one particular line in the episode that made ALL the other episodes with Sky, who we are SUPPOSED to root for, down the crapper.

But you wanna what surprises about me in this episode? Despite it FEELING like an finale episode that would be written by Ganetakos, it's actually written by Terry McGurrin. That's right. McGurrin wrote this. It's like he took all of Ganetakos' writing "style", while mixing his writing style, with a bit of "The Card", "Demolition Doofus" and "Boating Buddies" (SpongeBob episodes), into this episode. Except making it even crappier.

Look, I'm not gonna go into much detail here, since I will making another blog about this episode, but let's just say that unlike Terry's other episode (Hurl and Go Seek) this is, without a doubt, Dave's WORST characterization. Not only that, but I also dislike Sky in this. Why did it took her THIS long to tell Dave? Why didn't she realised this in the beginning of PI? Why didn't this episode just had the time to reconcile Dave and Sky's "relationship"? Why is Dave so frickin stupid in McGurrin's episodes? BECAUSE TERRY HATES SKY AND DAVE THATS WHY!

But again, that's for another blog. See ya next time till then.

What's uuuup?!!! It's Codykins 23:09, July 18, 2014 (UTC)

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