Hey guys. Well, here I am making yet another blog about Sidekick. If you guys remember the blog about Sidekick on Lil-Miz-Krazie's blog, it airs on CN. I LOVE SIDEKICK! BEST. SHOW. EVER!!! But, as I was watching the show, some of the characters reminded me some of TD characters. I might even say the Sidekick characters are the counterpart to TD characters. So, I just want to share my thoughts with all of ya.

Here some of characters from Sidekick: Eric Needles, Kitty Ko, Allen Amazing and Vana Glama.

And here some of the TD characters that I thought of from watching Sidekick: Cody, Duncan, Sierra, Heather, Courtney, Justin and Alejandro.

So, what I'm gonna do is name the characters from both Sidekick and TD and list the counterparts or similarities between them.

Eric Needles and Cody

Eric is Cody's counterpart for these reasons:

  • They are both short for their height.
  • They are both in love with a girl, but the girl doesn't return the feelings.
  • They are viewed as nerdy and geeky.
  • They both have really bad luck.
  • Both of them hate(or at this point hated) the latin guy.
  • Both have (or had) been voiced by Peter Oldring.
  • Both have shades of brown hair.
  • Both had a bad experience with sharks.

Kitty Ko and Sierra

Kitty Ko share some similarities to Sierra:

  • They are both viewed as "off the wall" girls.
  • They are madly in love with a boy, but the boy prefers another girl.
  • Both of them like to be on the computer.
  • However, Sierra is only been seen with her pizza box PC laptop, while Kitty is never been seen on the computer on-screen.
  • They both have a dream of marrying the boy that they are in love with.

Vana Glama and Heather

Vana Glama has some similarities to Heather:

  • They are both mean sometimes,although Heather is an antagonist as opposed to a protagonist.
  • They are bossy, selfish and snobbish.
  • They both tolerate the nerdling.
  • Both have (or had) a attraction to a Spanish male.
  • Heather with Alejandro and Vana with Allen.

Vana Glama and Justin

 Vana Glama has some similarities to Justin:

  • Both of them are considered narcisistical.
  • Both are fame hungry.
  • They both use their looks to (almost) get anything they want.

Courtney and Vana Glama

Vana Glama shares some similarities to Courtney:

  • They are both mean and bossy at times.
  • They love to win in life.
  • Both are (or in this case, were) attracted to the latin guy.

Allen Amazing and Alejandro

Allen is Alejandro's coutnterpart for a few reasons:

  • They are both Hispanics.
  • They are both antogonistic.
  • They both wear shades of red shirts.
  • They are great at everything.
  • Both are womenizers.
  • They both hate (or hated) the nerdling.

Well, that's pretty much of it. Oh BTW, there isn't exactly a character that me think of Duncan, it's Eric's shirt made me thought of Duncan. Codykins 01:20, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

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