Hey guys!

So, I just want to stop by to tell everyone that a well known YouTuber named Pan Pizza (AKA Rebeltaxi) did a review video on Ridonculous Race Vs. Total Drama Island as a Patreon Review Raffle that was requested by moi XD

It wasn't originally gonna be a "Old Vs New" type of review, as I just wanted him to review the spinoff series, but it was smart on Pan's part to make it as such to show the first seasons of both respective series are fun and enjoyable in different ways. Plus, as he stated in the video, he might plan on reviewing the other TD seasons as I've given him PLENTY information about the franchise with its history =P

Anyway, go search up the video "Total Drama Review Retrospect- Rebeltaxi". I would've post a link here, but I don't wanna get in trouble with the admins considering the rules this site has XP. Also, after watching the video, try to send it to the VA's of TD/RR and production crew at Fresh TV throughout all social media if you guys can. They definitely deserve to it =)

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