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I know this is kind of late talking about this episode, considering it aired like couple weeks ago on CN, but I needed some time to find the right words to express my utter disgust towards this.

Look, I'm just gonna level with you: I've NEVER been this aggravated over an episode of Total Drama since Hawaiian Punch. And I didn't know it would be possible. In fact, I was pretty sure that Hawaiian Punch would be the ONLY episode in the entire series that I would legitimately hate enough to skip over. I never thought that this show would sink lower after the hell spawn that was Hawaiian Punch. Take it to Terry McGurrin to prove me wrong.

I mean... MY GOD! I don't know how he did it, but he actually managed to find a way to make an episode not only more horrible than Hawaiian Punch, but also Hurl and Go Seek put together. Not only that, but it also ALMOST kills my enjoyment for TDPI, mainly through Sky as a character. Now that take some actual talent there. Zeus Cervas and Casey Alexander would be SO proud of you, Terry.

Look, I'm not gonna sugar coat this. This episode is a special kind of insulting for me. So, if you're a fan of Sky and/or like this episode, I suggest that you that you DON'T read this because I have VERY few little nice things about her and this episode. But, if you are reading this, just please don't go ape crazy about the negative aspects of Sky and this episode. What I'll be talking about here are the problems of Lies, Cries and One Big Prize (mainly on the last 2nd act), as well as the current and future status of Dave and Sky. And I will try my best not to loose my anger or gone too far with a certain comment. But if I do, I deeply apologize ahead of time.

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize

Alright, when this episode started, it actually looked promising. It had some decent jokes and it had a pretty cool set up for the challenge that Shawn and Sky have to compete in. But, when Dave was selected as a helper for Sky and came out of the helicopter to meet up with Sky, Chris tells Dave about Sky's reluctance to having him as a helper just to make Dave sad. Right there, I already noticed something strange about this episode. Look, I know that Chris is supposed to be a sadist and he is only doing this for ratings and whatnot, but this is like the 2nd time that he has done this to Dave, first one being Hurl and Go Seek, ANOTHER episode written by McGurrin. The first time I saw that episode, I was sincerely confused of what was the writing process behind it. I honestly don't know why he made Dave so unlikeable in that episode. I mean, he has written Dave perfectly well in the TDPI premiere, so I really don't get why he made him this way. However, after Dave asked Chris about the challenge if it's dangerous (which is, for the record, the most stupidest thing that Dave has ever said in this show because Chris has said TWICE that the challenge has the words "dangerous", "dead", "deadly","death" and "dying" in the frickin title) and tells Sky that it's going to be dangerous, we get a very interesting confession cam from Sky, with her saying this particular line:

Sky: "He was brighter before, wasn't he?"

Right there. Right in that particular line, it all make sense now. McGurrin did the trope lampshade hanging. He KNEW that the fans would find weird about Dave's characterization both in this episode and in Hurl and Go Seek, so he decided make a joke out of it. Not only was this unfunny, but this also confirms that McGurrin made Dave unlikeable in both of those episodes ON PURPOSE. I'm sorry, but how is it a writer can make a character be derailed so badly just because the plot demands it? And before you say anything, I did not read too deeply into it the first time I saw that scene in this episode. No no no no. I took it seriously after I found out a fact about Sky. Speaking of which...

Sky. Before this episode, I actually was tempted to say that she's the improved version of Courtney. I mean, she looked like she has a lot of potential. For one, she was only there to win, but it didn't make her too snobby and selfish, which is something that made Courtney so insufferable. Granted, Sky wasn't exactly a very strong character, but she was at least harmless enough. But after this episode, I seriously would beat myself for even thinking that she was the improved version of Courtney. Actually, Sky is worst than Courtney. In fact, I might even calling her the worst character in the entire show. Hands f-ing down. As much as I hate Courtney, I'll give her credit that she at least have some humanity in her, such as showing concern towards to even the people who she didn't even like (such as Izzy and Owen in Jamaican Me Sweat). As for Sky...well, her as a character is as terrible as the next problem in this episode. What do I mean by that? Well, when Chris reveals Sky's audition tape and confirms that she has a boyfriend back home, THE EPISODE ITSELF DOESNT THINK THIS IS A PROBLEM! Um... It kinda frickin is, McGurrin. The audience hates her now (relatively speaking). You just can't throw the "I have a boyfriend back home" plot point at us and expect us to still root for Sky. This confirms that she intentionally lead Dave on! If you want the audience to still root for Sky, she has to work really hard to gain the audience's sympathy back, which she never did in the final minutes of the episode.

However, the final nail in the coffin for me that made this episode so horrible is Dave. McGurrin thought if making him so bloodthirsty and disturbingly unlikeable, it automatically puts the sympathy back to Sky when Dave tries to "murder" her in the final challenge. No, it doesn't work that way. You just can't have 2 characters and make one of them the designated bad guy and vice-versa, especially the fact that Dave's anger is pretty understandable. After finding out that she was just using him to get the money, I don't entirely blame him. Now, did he went too far? Of course he did. He never showed remorse that he might've killed Sky and Shawn in the avalanche. As much as I hate Sky at this point, I wouldn't go as far as having her "die" in an avalanche would be cathartic (even if you take the cartoon logic out of that scenario). And like I said, McGurrin made him too disturbingly unlikeable that it's hard to root for him. And I know what you're thinking, if I hate Dave and Sky so much in this episode, why can't I root for Shawn at this point? Well, maybe is because since this show always has alternate endings for both finalists, it doesn't matter if I root for Shawn, even IF he's the official winner or if Sky is. So really, it's a lose-lose situation for me. Also, in both endings, Sky doesn't show any remorse over Dave, so this literally means she NEVER cared about him from the beginning. I mean, granted, Dave did technically tried to murder her, but I was at least expecting a "where's Dave?" sort of response (even if people would argue that she "does" care about him) . Then again, she never cared about him to begin with, so I wouldn't expect much from her. And oh yeah, Dave was left behind in the Island with a robotic bear about to maul him limb by limb, just for being rightfully pissed at Sky. Even if Dave deserves it for his actions, it STILL comes out as sour, mostly because I hate seeing my favorite character in the 3rd gen cast being tormented like this, especially from Terry McGurrin.

So those were my thoughts on the TDPI finale. I know many of you are going to say that I'm being biased towards this episode mainly on the last 2nd and 3rd act, but those moments were just so overbearing for me to handle. I know that this episode has its moments here and there, but the ones that are bad, it kills all of the enjoyment out of it. But, my overall problem with this episode is that McGurrin ended the season on another cliffhanger. I am getting sick and tired of these cliffhangers happening in almost every finale on this show, because there's a chance that this show might not get another season, so you have to end it on a good high note while you can (even IF some of these characters story lines aren't resolved and/or might appear in TD's spin-off series). I don't know, maybe if this episode was retooled, added some more characters and possibly use it as a pre or post-merge episode, then maybe it could've been better, but as is, it's just a miserable way to end a great 2nd half of season 5, especially with some unresolved problems between Dave and Sky.

Dave & Sky

Speaking of which, I think it's time to talk about their current status. How do I feel about them after what just happened? Honestly, I'm quite disappointed on how it turned out. Look, if the show went the route of them not being an item, that's fine, I have no problem with that. In fact, it would've been refreshing to see. However, the way they handle these 2 it instead came out as something you would get if you put Gidgette, Gwody and AleHeather on a blender. But you know something, I blame Sky for this. People say that it's Dave's fault for not listening to her, but I highly disagree with that.

Sky Fans: "But she been meaning to tell Dave that she has a boyfriend back home since the beginning."

She's been doing it on purpose. She has ALWAYS been doing it on purpose. Everything you saw her do in TDPI trying to tell Dave about Keith, but couldn't has been completely intentional. She knew that she lead him on and stayed thoroughly committed to it in every step of the way, even after he was eliminated, and especially with her nice girl persona act. She never cared about Dave and she never did. All she saw in him was nothing but a nuisance and ploy to get what she wants and someone to screw around with psychologically. And even IF his mental breakdown in Hurl and Go Seek have something to do with his disorder, she was the one who caused it. She was the one who pushed him too far. She was the one who made him this way. I stand strong when I say that I'm officially convinced that she's a bigger villain than Sugar ever was. She's a frickin sociopath, blind to the fact that her actions can and do harm around Dave. The one who she pretended care for, the one who she pretended to like to spend time with, the one who she pretended show any shred of concern for. To think I actually remotely liked this GROTESQUE CANCEROUS ASS OF A IMAGINATIO-- Sorry. Sorry. I went too far on that last part. You just have no idea how much I hate this character.

Sky fans: "Beth had a boyfriend back in season 2 and she was madly attracted to Justin and cheated on him with Harold while she was in the game and Brady was not."

First of all, Beth OUTRIGHT stated from the beginning of that season that she had a boyfriend back home in front of everyone (and the audience), including Justin and Harold, so she didn't lead anyone on. Secondly, Justin's looks were so powerful that it even make women who are in relationships with other men be attracted to him (this goes double for Bridgette with Alejandro in season 3 BTW). Third, in 2008: A Space Owen (if you ignore the lack of continuity between that episode and the season finale episode), she showed some second thoughts about Brady in some brief moments through out the episode. And as Beth kissed Harold, she at least said that she was going to break up with Brady, just to be Harold. Did Sky even remotely hinted that she has a boyfriend back home? No. Not once through out her run in TDPI. And she didn't even looked remorseful for doing it.

Sky fans: "But she was remorseful when Chris showed her audition tape and tried to apologize to Dave for not telling about Keith."

BULL! FRICKIN! CRAP! BULL AND CRAP! She only apologizes to Dave BECAUSE she got caught. Dave was her helper, she only "apologizes" to him because she knew he wouldn't continue to help her to win the money. And you know what, she didn't even look like she was remorseful about Dave after he found out the truth. All she acted was "WAH! WAH! I wanted to win! I could be worry about on how much of a huge terrible person I am for not telling the boy I (pretended) to like that I have a boyfriend back home, but no, all I care is winning the money! WAH! WAH!". Also, when Sky said "he wasn't the one Dave, you are" to him, that is something a person would say when he/she got caught for cheating on his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. Or something along to that affect.

Sky fans: "The writers were saving the boyfriend plot thread for the finale and make the final challenge intense."

You know, this seriously raises a question. When Chris showed confession cam footage of Shawn to Jasmine, it was obviously edited. Most reality shows do that kind of thing (at least in satires if I'm correct). So, with that in mind, why didn't the writers have Sky say (in confession cam) after Chris showed the audition tape "I recorded the audition tape BEFORE I broke up with Keith"? It would've implied that the tape was recorded like roughly months before Sky was accepted into the show. I mean, granted, it would've still make Dave bloodthirsty, but at least wouldn't be as frustrating because it's an misunderstanding (or something along to that affect). That way, it would've given an unresolved conflict between the 2 for a future season.

But, while we're on the subject of this boyfriend plot thread, why DIDN'T the writers use this early on? It was, like, the missing ingredient to give Dave and Sky some actual plausible dramatic substance. Not to mention give Sky some layer in depth (at least a little bit). Here's something that they should've done:

Around episode 2, Sky (in confession cam) reveals that she has a boyfriend back home after she finds out Dave has a crush on her. In a couple episodes later, Sky becomes attracted to Dave, but she remembers about Keith and tries everything she can to tell Dave about it, but she either gets interrupted by Dave or unfortunate circumstances. However, she starts to talking about the negative aspects of Keith being her boyfriend and ultimately, decides to dump him after she win the money. However, Sugar overhears Sky in the confession cam and uses this as a opportunity to break up her and Dave's "alliance". In episode 9, Sugar tells Dave that Sky has a boyfriend, but she also lies that Sky was just using him to get further into the game and sees him nothing but trash. This gets Dave upset and Sugar convinces him to work with her in the challenge so they can vote Sky off. But after some complicated of events, Dave loses the challenge and gets shot out of a cannon. Later on, Sky finds out about what Sugar did, tries to avenge Dave and get her voted off. Finale comes, Sky chooses Dave as a helper, Dave has a hard time trusting her, Sky then regains his trust and both of them reconcile as friends.

Or how about Sky is so obsessed with winning but her feeling towards Dave is getting in the way that she makes up a lie to him that she has a boyfriend back home and her lie comes to bite her right in the ass. IDK, just something that is better than what we got. There are a million other ways of handling this boyfriend plot thread with Sky.

My haters: "Sky just friend zoned Dave, you idiot."

You consider leading on a boy, neglectfully not telling him you have a boyfriend, and manipulate him emotionally to get one million dollars as FRIENDZONING HIM?! How many sharpie markers did you snort when you came up with that train wreck of an argument?

Sky fans: "Sky was just lovesick when she became attracted to Dave. That's why she couldn't tell Dave about Keith."

Even IF that was the case, it STILL doesn't excuses it. I don't care how "lovesick" you are, you have to tell the boy that you have a boyfriend back home.

Sky fans: "Sky was only there to win. She wasn't there make friends or relationships."

Well, you totally got me there. Winning was all she thought about and she finally got what she wanted. I still hate her what she did to Dave, though.

Sky fans: "Dave never listens to her when she tried to tell him about Keith."

Sky was interrupted once in A Blast From the Past, which was episode 5. Dave was eliminated in Hurl and Go Seek, which was episode 9. She had plenty of time to tell him about Keith. In fact, she could've told him the day she found out that Dave had a crush on her. Then again, she did all this crap on purpose.

Sky fans: "Why are you taking this so seriously? She's just a cartoon character."

You know how people complain about Mike's disorder being portrayed just as a "quirk"? Well, that's how I see Sky, but in reverse.

You see, Sky IS the most realistic character on the show. She has a boyfriend back home, which is something that we've never seen from this show before. But what really pisses me off about Sky is that in the finale, after we find out about her and Keith, the episode shows that she screwed up and it thinks it automatically makes me feel sorry for her. SCREW THAT!!! I'm not gonna root for a character who emotionally manipulated a boy just to mess around with and get what she wants. I wouldn't mind so much if she was a villain, EXCEPT THAT THE WRITERS FORCED HER AS THE MAIN PROTAGONIST!

Seriously, all the dastardly actions that Sky did to Dave it is something that only Heather would do. But no, we're supposed to see her a good role model. I'm not saying her actions is worst than the show's portrayal of MPD, but I'm seriously surprised that Sky isn't gaining a bit more hate than she already has.

She maybe the most realistic character on the show, but she isn't humanistic (if that makes any sense.) If she was, she would've felt remorse for using Dave to get what she wanted, like a human being. But even when she did, it was all fake. An act. All the other characters on the show are more humanistic than her. Owen's more humanistic. Harold's more humanistic. Cody's more humanistic. Even Duncan's more humanistic.

And finally, just because she's a cartoon character, does not mean she's immune from my scorn. I have every right to take her seriously. Everyone has different ways of taking cartoons seriously. And I doubt that Mike haters is going tell me otherwise.

Sky fans: "So you think Dave doesn't share any of the blame through out this experience?"

You mean aside from him trying to murder Sky? Well, he technically does in a way.

You see, before his elimination and the finale, I was kind of expecting him to learn on relationships with not getting the girl. It would've made him learn to not be a little too pushy. I know that teens like him would've gotten dating advice from his parents, but I doubt that would be the case with Dave IMO. But, the reason I don't blame Dave is because his actions were out of insecurity. Some guys who are awkward can be like that. That's one of the few reasons why Dave is my favorite. Granted, Dave's actions were a bit exxagerated (and his actions in episode 9 and the finale were unexcusable), but it's also somewhat endearing. And besides, give him some credit. At least he's in Sierra's action territory. While Dave is technically sharing the blame depending on how you look at it, to me I blame all of Sky's actions for this.

My haters: "You're accusing Sky for being a w***e, you sexist pig!"

So, if a woman does this kind of crap to a guy, it's perfectly ok. But if a guy does the (almost) same exact thing to a women, only the guy gets the blame? Here's the thing, when it comes to cheating on a women or leading on a guy, I get disgusted at EITHER of the gender's actions.

Also, when you say that I'm "accusing", I hear interpreting. You see, animation is art. Literature is art. And art is about interpreting someone's work. So, I interpret Sky's actions through out in TDPI as malicious. That's just how I see it. Sorry for sounding pretentious, but it is true. But I'm sure that there are other people out there are going to think otherwise. But you know what, I don't care. If you still like Sky after what I said through out, fine. I don't care. I just suggest that you don't say she's perfect or defend her actions against Dave. I'm just saying.

Phew! Well, that's all I got to say. Let's just see how much of a controversy this May or may cause.

What's uuuup?!!! It's Codykins 18:30, August 1, 2014 (UTC)

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