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aka Steven Fernandez

  • I live in Massachusetts
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am male
  • Cody Kins TD Fan

    Can't believe it's been that long, eh? Well, I'm really glad that the franchise managed to survive this long as it has and luckily for us, there's going to be more as we speak. There's no doubt about it, throughout the years, this franchise has gone thru so many...PAINFUL mistakes, but in spite of them, we managed to stick with it because we have such a special connection to it and we want it to improve. We all like these characters (well, most of them, depending on your preference) and we want them progress and resolve their plot lines. And considering how well Ridonculous Race was, it's safe to assume that it's in the step of right direction.

    This franchise means to me on a special kind of level for a few reasons. For one, it lead me to b…

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  • Cody Kins TD Fan

    Hey guys!

    So, I just want to stop by to tell everyone that a well known YouTuber named Pan Pizza (AKA Rebeltaxi) did a review video on Ridonculous Race Vs. Total Drama Island as a Patreon Review Raffle that was requested by moi XD

    It wasn't originally gonna be a "Old Vs New" type of review, as I just wanted him to review the spinoff series, but it was smart on Pan's part to make it as such to show the first seasons of both respective series are fun and enjoyable in different ways. Plus, as he stated in the video, he might plan on reviewing the other TD seasons as I've given him PLENTY information about the franchise with its history =P

    Anyway, go search up the video "Total Drama Review Retrospect- Rebeltaxi". I would've post a link here, but …

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  • Cody Kins TD Fan

    The Surfers (Brody and Geoff)! Who would've guessed. I guess this marks the first time where a contestant (or in this case, a team) returns in the game and managed to win a million dollars. Well, may the victors go the spoils =P.

    Can't wait for the alternate ending.

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  • Cody Kins TD Fan

    Before any of you guys freak out, no I am NOT spoiling what happened in episode 15 of Ridonculous Race that was uploaded online. What I am going to address however is the one complaint people have been saying about throughout the episode, and it's the voice narration.

    For those who are trying avoid spoilers, fans have been noticing that there was a random voice explaining the actions within the episode. I have noticed this as well when I watched this on Xfinity's On Demand and I was wondering if there's a reason for it. But then I remember back to 2010 when Christian Potenza was showing a couple behind the scenes on TDWT and he revealed the intro for it.

    Now, if you sk…

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  • Cody Kins TD Fan

    So, just at the last minute, CN decided to move the remaining new episodes of Ridonculous Race at 7:30pm by next week, so it's a much more convenient time for viewers. Which is actually a pretty good move on CN's part. But let's see how this goes.

    So, yeah, that's pretty much I got. Please record your DVR's please XDD

    But since I have to fill up something on this blog post, how do I feel towards the spinoff series? It has been pretty awesome so far. Terry McGurrin has really amp up his game in the writing department and there hasn't a single miss this 1st season. Let's just hope the remaining episodes can still deliver some great stuff XD

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