New popster here. My idea is simple:

Total Drama Island: Brains, Beauty and Brawn

Many reality shows have done this idea, and it works so well for TDI. 3 teams of 8 players for a 24-people contest. But who is on what team?

Team Brain:

1. Shawn- A fan fave from PI gets another chance to win a million, along with his zombie antics.

2. Noah- The sly, scarcastic genius get another shot.

3. Cody- A bit of a shocker for this team, but another semi-fan favourite.

4. Sam- C'mon writers. Stop just using this guy for a few epiodes. I wanna see him actually develop into something.

5. Harold- Who doesn't love this guy?

6. Beth- Gotta put a girl on this team, and she fits in rather nicely.

7. Dawn- Another fan-fave, and another character that could use some developing.

8. B- Nuff said, right?

Team Beauty:

1. Sugar- For some odd reason, people like her. She'd be great for some rivalries next season.

2. Lashawna- Great character whose funny.

3. Justin- Bad antagonist, good character.

4. Geoff- The party-boy gets another shot.

5. Bridgette- Gotta bring back the whole couple, am I right?

6. DJ- Another shocker, but I'd like to see him again.

7. Alejandro- I know he was on All-Stars, but he is a great character.

8. Sky- This is a character I'd also like to see again. Let's hope she figures out what her mid is actually set on.

Team Brawn:

1. Brick- Need I say more?

2.Tyler- See above

3. Jo- Is she a Good or a Bad guy?

4. Rodney- No longer love stricken....... can he actually contribute?

5. Trent- Once again, another character that needs to develop.

6. Eva- More like Evil.

7. Jasmine- Smart, confident and legit contender. Need I say more?

8. Scott- One more previous All-Star makes the cut.

What do you think about my idea? I feel like this would be a great clash of contestants, and provide us with great laughs and maybe some old/new romances.

EDIT: Realized that Justin's name was used twice..... meant to write Tyler here...... sorry.

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