Hi guys..... people have been ranting about TDAS so much on every single Total Drama place I've seen. Everyone admits that it was a bad season. However, I find that the season isn't the worst. TDA takes that cake, albeit the season does have the best character development. Why does TDAS rank only 5th on my list?? Here are a few reasons as to what I think is good about the season.

1. The Humour: Yes, folks. This season has to be the funniest of all the seasons so far. Most of the jokes worked, and even when they didn't, they were still funny. Like I said this is my opinion.......

2. Character Development (Sans Courtney/Heather): Besides the two pervious characters I mentioned, character development was great in TDAS. Duncan showed his soft side, Scott is now one of my fave characters of all time, even AleHeather was awesome.

3. The whole Gwen/Courtney/Duncan/Scott Love Square: Sorry guys. I also felt that this was really well developed. Sure, neither ended up with Duncan, but that can happen IRL. People need to realize that the writers are parodyzing reality shows. I felt this was very realistic.

4. Issues with SMS: Take out the whole Courtney's list, and Mike/Mal finding it, and you have a decent episode with bad gross-out humour. Also, I never really liked Courtney.... I like to treat these charc aters as real people. People's opinions on real people also change through them coming back to star again. So this isn't really that much of stretch.

5. Mike/Mal being a Bad Villan: This is gotta be the most controversial thing on this list. Sure, Mal was psycho, yet so is Scarlett, and everyone loves her. SERIOUSLY???? Mal is not the worst atagonist. Scott from ROTI is by a long-shot. Mal psyched people into voting who he thought should go next via breaking stuff. He got into people's heads, much like how real people do on real reality TV. Take out his plans to kill everyone, and you have a fine villan.

6. Some of the characters don't belong here: This may be the one thing I agree with. Sam is not a All-Star. Writing off Lindsay right away made me mad. I wanted to see more Heather/Jo fights and more of Scottney. Besiders that, everyone went where they should've, including Sierra.

That's basically it, folks. A season that had a few issues that could've been fixed easily.

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