• Cody73

    Hi guys.. I know I haven't been on lately, but am gonna be back for a while.

    This blog is basically a idea blog: What kinds of characters can we expect in TDP: TRR? Considerign we've seen one couple, what else would you like to see/ expect to see?

    For example, one sterotype I'd like to see: (A long shot, but still)

    The Flamboyant Guy (Not Nessacarily Gay) Pair: Yeah. I said it. Fresh has done a great job in the past with characters like this. Heck, some of the gay jokes from 6teen are still funny to this day. There is so much potential for a team like this, so many paths to take. I know that they'd play it safe if they did this, but I'd love a flash of something they used to do: Take risks. If they gave us a gay couple, would it be that bad? I…

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  • Cody73

    Hi guys.. been noticing a lot of posts lately about Crack parings or ships. So I fgured I'd ask this: What is your personal fave ship?

    For exmaple, my favourite ship happens to be Beth and Cody. Why? I feel like both charcaters are perfect for eachother. Both have been underdogs, both are liked by most people and both have maniuplated people to get farther in the game. They also had a interesting moment in TDI where beth kisses him on the cheek.

    Let me know what you guys think about this ship, and post your personal fave.

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  • Cody73

    Hi guys..... people have been ranting about TDAS so much on every single Total Drama place I've seen. Everyone admits that it was a bad season. However, I find that the season isn't the worst. TDA takes that cake, albeit the season does have the best character development. Why does TDAS rank only 5th on my list?? Here are a few reasons as to what I think is good about the season.

    1. The Humour: Yes, folks. This season has to be the funniest of all the seasons so far. Most of the jokes worked, and even when they didn't, they were still funny. Like I said this is my opinion.......

    2. Character Development (Sans Courtney/Heather): Besides the two pervious characters I mentioned, character development was great in TDAS. Duncan showed his soft side, …

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  • Cody73

    New popster here. My idea is simple:

    Total Drama Island: Brains, Beauty and Brawn

    Many reality shows have done this idea, and it works so well for TDI. 3 teams of 8 players for a 24-people contest. But who is on what team?

    Team Brain:

    1. Shawn- A fan fave from PI gets another chance to win a million, along with his zombie antics.

    2. Noah- The sly, scarcastic genius get another shot.

    3. Cody- A bit of a shocker for this team, but another semi-fan favourite.

    4. Sam- C'mon writers. Stop just using this guy for a few epiodes. I wanna see him actually develop into something.

    5. Harold- Who doesn't love this guy?

    6. Beth- Gotta put a girl on this team, and she fits in rather nicely.

    7. Dawn- Another fan-fave, and another character that could use some deve…

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