(zooms in on my face) hey

What's up!? Here's a fun blog to start up some chitter chatter about fun stuff. What fun stuff? Bullies, manipulators, liars and cheats! :D Yaydoodles.

Honestly, what makes a good show/movie GREAT. A fantastic villain. All seasons of Total Drama would be nothing without their frustrating antagonists. Who can forget Heather and her powers of manipulation, Courtney's cheating, Alejandro's seduction, Scott's sabotage, Mal's ... *looks at smudged writing on hand* ... Yeah no I got nothing for that one, and Jacques and Josee's bad sportsmanship?

Villains make the show, so if Total Drama were to have another season who do YOU think would be the best villain if it were to be a returning contestant?

Here are some of my ideas. Feel free to agree, disagree, send me money via Paypal, etc


Sierra Glare
Oh my gosh. Could you imagine if Sierra was pushed too far? Funny to imagine since she's practically over the edge as is.  Imagine her going BAD. Sierra is a MAJOR threat, just imagine. She's strong, she's shown to be tactical when need be, and she's persistent as the dickens. Get this. Sierra is THE Total Drama Superfan. She knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE... Including weaknesses. Imagine competing against someone who immediately knows EXACTLY how to take everyone down... but has just never tapped into it. She could be to the cast what Batman is to the Justice League. Sierra is terrifying already as a GOOD person... imagine her BAD. Just..... augh. Scary.



C'mon. Heather served no purpose in All Stars but to hype up the other more "serious" threats... and by that I mean be completely downplayed and dumbed for the sake of- nevermind. ... She also was there to canonize Aleheather. <3 Good ship.

Anyway, imagine Heather coming back and telling everyone that she's redeemed and has seen the error of her ways. The good ol "I've changed" shtick. ... But instead of her meaning that dearly, she's totally lying and looking for ways to backstab and ruin everyone once again. Like, bring the queen back please to her full formal glory. Heather began the series as the baddest villain and she can certainly end it that way.

Your Turn

Those are just two of my ideas. Who do you think would make a really good Total Drama Villain?

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