So far, seven contestants on the show have actively quit/successfully voted themselves off the Total Drama game. These people and instances are...

Gwen in Total Drama Action in the episode The Chefshank Redemption. If she hadn't left, Heather would have been eliminated.

DJ in Total Drama Action in the episode The Sand Witch Project. If he had stayed, either Justin or Lindsay would have been eliminated.

Duncan in Total Drama World Tour in the episode Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

Harold in Total Drama World Tour in the episode Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan. Had he stayed in, DJ would have been eliminated.

Anne Maria in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island in the episode A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Dakota would not have rejoined if she stayed.

Lindsay in Total Drama All-Stars in the episode Heroes vs. Villains. Had she stayed in, Courtney would have been eliminated.

Dave in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island in the episode Hurl and Go Seek. Had he stayed in, Sky would have been eliminated.

How do you think those seasons would have been played out if they did not quit.

Total Drama Action - Alternate Universe #1

Bridgette and Geoff leave. E-Scope leaves. Trent leaves. Izzy returns.

Chefshank Redemption - Heather leaves.

The Sand Witch Project - DJ doesn't quit. Lindsay goes (There was more of a reason for her to)

Full Metal Drama - I feel like this would be the episode DJ stands up to Chef. It would have been interesting is Chef sabotaged DJ back for defying him. DJ would confess to his team but still be eliminated. DJ leaves.

Oceans 8, Or Nine - Owen goes. Courtney returns. 

Million Dollar Babies - Gaffers: Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, Harold. Grips: Izzy, Courtney, Justin, Beth. (Instead of revealing Leshawna's trash talk on the PDA, they'd reveal Gwen and Trent's issues, and Gwen's eliminated.)

MERGE - Izzy, Courtney, Beth, Justin, Leshawna, Harold, Duncan

(The only difference is Izzy, and I think it'd make sense if she got farther this season. She hates Justin, she could be manipulated by Courtney, Owen returns later, and she's an actor. A lot would be going for her)

Super Hero-ld - Leshawna leaves.

Princess Pride - Justin leaves.

Rock N' Rule - Owen returns. Duncan goes. (Like he should have in canon)

2008 A Space Owen: Harold goes. (Courtney would vote for him, and Owen would vote him off for the same reason in canon. Owen can convince Izzy to vote with him, and Beth's immune)

Top Dog: Owen and Courtney go. 

Finale: Beth vs Izzy


Total Drama World Tour - Alternate Universe

Duncan stays in Walk Like An Egyptian. Ezekiel goes. Duncan goes on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Sierra and Izzy swap.

Super Happy, Crazy, Fun Time Japan - DJ goes. Harold stays. Curse is removed from Team Victory.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better - Bridgette goes. (Same reason)

Slap Slap Revolution - (I feel like Duncan would have cheated on Courtney at this point, and the big love arc has begun. Lindsay would be eliminated after she finally remembers Tyler. Harold and Leshawna wouldn't vote each other out. Lindsay goes)

I Can't Help Falling In Louvre - Duncan goes (Eliminated in the city of love after cheating on Courtney... purely ironic. His team does not approve and votes him off first chance they get. Courtney and Gwen carry the arc from here)

Jamaica Me Sweat - Izzy goes (Same reason. Harold goes tooLeshawna and Harold working as a team helped solidify their very ambiguous relationship. It doesn't matter if they're a couple or not, an arc this long has to give closure of some sort. Harold would defjnitely sacrifice himself during the tiebreaker (since they are in fact a team of two at this point)

I See London - Leshawna goes. Team of one. Done. Farewell Team Victory. Plus, Noah STAYS after Alejandro hears him call him an eel... imagine the tension)

The Ex Files - Tyler goes. (Noah can't convince Owen to vote off Al, but he can get an agreement on Tyler, since Al flatters Owen often)

Picnic At Hanging Dork - Courtney goes. (Courtney is eliminated when Heather utilizes the rocky love arc to get votes (Plus Heather would probably find Courtney too dangerous. She goes same reason as she should have in canon)

MERGE - Gwen, Heather, Sierra, Blaineley, Cody, Owen, Noah, Alejandro

(Noah versus Alejandro's wits. Gwen around to keep the spice between Sierra and Cody. Gwen maybe even forming a friendship with Heather)

Niagara Brawls - Owen goes. (Same reason) 

Chinese Fake Out - Blaineley and Noah go. Double elimination. Imagine these two revealing EVERYTHING they know at elimination together. Boom. Gamechanger. Heather and Gwen team up against Al. Sierra forms her team with Cody to stay safe.

African Lying Safari - Gwen leaves. (Al wins immunity. Alejandro gets Sierra to vote with him. Cody votes for Sierra. Heather reluctantly votes off Gwen to save herself, and Gwen understands. This season could have been a LONG Gwen Heather friendship arc)

(Season carries on from there. Sierra goes. Cody goes)

Finale: Alejandro vs Heather


Total Drama Pahkitew - Alternate Universe 

Beardo goes. Leonard goes. Amy goes. Rodney goes. Sammy goes. Ella goes. Topher goes.

Hurl and Go Seek - Sky goes. 

Scarlett Fever - Max and Scarlett go.

Sky Fall - Sugar goes. (Because c'mon I love her and all but... she should have gone)

Pah'd With Talent - Shawn goes. (Dave manages to get past to the finale despite Jasmine and Shawn's power couple status. That'd be great!)

Finale: Dave vs Jasmine 

(And their helpers are Shawn and Sky)


(I didn't do TDAS or TDROTI, you can make predictions for those ones if you want)

How do YOU think these universes would turn out if the characters that quit DIDN'T quit? :)

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