What is the fifteenth episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a rap battle between Chef and Special

Chef portrayed by Tylerbrickfan and Total Drama Fan2.0


Chris: Last time on Total Drama Rap Battles. Trent and Sierra both fought for what they valued most. Trent succeeded and now can be reunited with Gwen. Unfortunately for Sierra.

Trent: Is she alright?

Sierra: (is having a breakdown at the Peanut Gallery) Cody! I have to be with Cody! No!

Eva: Wow, she throws worse tantrums than I do.

Duncan: I don't think so.

Lightning: You mind giving her your straight jacket?

Sadie: Please do.

Courtney: Get over yourselves. (B puts the straight jacket on Sierra)

Chris: This next battle is all out fight that you've been waiting for. It's Heather and Lindsay! (into earbud) What? Huh? You mean it? Really? Come on! (back to audience) I am sorry to say that Heather and Lindsay will have to wait. Until do something!

Chef: (sighs. Pulls out Mr. Coconut and places it on the stage) Do I have to?

Chris: I actually like where this is going. Do it Chef.

Chef: (to Mr. Coconut) You kidding me? Is this for real? i chop you up, feed you to eels. You want to take a bite out of me, eat me raw, I cut you open, drink with a straw! You think you're better, everyone say nah!

Mr. Coconut: ................

Chef: You're a fruit! Shoot! I deserve some loot. for wasting my time against something like you! A coconut winning? thats new. You're a good opponent, eh? I would rather battle a rotten shoe.

Mr. Coconut:................

Chef: Don't you pull that with me! I'm a real person, you came from a tree! I laugh at your tumbling and as you squirm, your low on the totem pole, I'm a wolf, your the worm!

Mr. Coconut: ................

Chef: You are putting me in a nasty mood! I'm not dealing with your attitude! Shut up before I make you into food. So scuttle inside before it starts to rain. Last time that happened you drove people insane!

Mr. Coconut:................

Chef: you did NOT just go there! Thats IT!

Mr. Coconut:................

Chef: You are worth less than a rock. You smell like a sock. You'd be dead in a second against me. Can't you see. I don't think you can. Those eyes look fake. You aren't a person. you are a mistake.

Mr. Coconut:................

Chef: An inanimate object winning a fight. Only real competitors win tonight. I just want to slice you, with all my might. I mean, really! You can't even speak! I am the strong! you are the weak!

Mr. Coconut:................

Chef: I'm done, having fun being negative 1! (turns around to leave. steps on a loose florboard that launchs Mr. Coconut at Chef's head. It hits) AUGHCH!

Mr: Coconut:................

Chris: (laughing so hard he's crying) Hahah That hahah was haha hah great! (stops laughing) Oh wow. So...I can't even believe that just happened. So..who won?


Who's the winner?

The Chef, Chef.......or.......The Amazing, Luscious, Wondeful, Spectacular, Awe-Inspiring, Mr. Coconut

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