Eva portrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0

Jo portrayed by Tylerbrickfan

The Fury Of The She-Hulk is the twelfth episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a rap battle between Jo and Eva.

Battle 11

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Rap Battles! Justin and Cody fought in a somewhat okay battle. It was believed that Justin thrashed Cody, but Cody's fan would not allow it. Justin joined the peanut gallery and we got to see our winners! Hope your sneak peek of them gets you pumped for ROUND 2!....Which will be a while from now. Until then, let us bring you back to the rap battles.

Justin: (sitting over to the Peanut Gallery) This game stinks

Sadie: At least I have YOU!

Justin: *grumbles then cries*

Duncan: *laughing* You got beat by pipsqueak!

Lightning: Man! That's sha-pathetic!

Justin: At least I can be the hottest guy in the Peanut Gallery *receives glares from Lightning and Duncan*

Courtney: Oh shut up! Nobody cares!

Sadie: You're just jealous!

Chris: Were you mad that you didn't get a rap battle last episode? Well these two are madder! We've got a special battle for you today! Give it up for our Iron Maidens! It's the Invincible Eva and our Jockette Jo! Rap battling time! Begin!

Jo: I can't decide which is more sad, that you disgrace all women or that you're barking mad. I 'm the greatest at what I do. I attack the weaklings and pummel losers, like you. After seeing you lose two times, I laughed. I'm the best there is, while you're the rough draft.

Eva: Ha! I laugh. As if you were the toughest. I'm Eva, the greatest, the biggest, the roughest. You don't even compare to me! I strangled Zeke until he almost peed! You think your the best, do ya now? Look me in the face. Never gonna happen.

Jo: Have you heard? There is this thing called a brain. I guess you forgot yours, you must be insane. But back down now or I'm bringing the pain. You want to act tough around me? Big mistake! I punched Sasquatchinakwa, took control of my whole team, it was all a piece of cake.

Eva: Really? I'm crazy? You took over a team that was lead by a wimp. You must be the crazy one to think thats any good. You better get out now Jo, i'm about to grab your little hood. I will starangle your scrawny neck! I'm the original, don't forget that.

Jo: I'm still better, original or not. You can't possibly reach my level of being buff, bad and hot. I got the game in the bag before it even began. You lost long before you even signed up. Get lost, go smash a few trees. But when it comes down to us two, for me, it's a breeze.

Eva: *enraged* You have no idea what you have coming! I have muscles on my muscles! I have brawn and strength! what do you have? Nothing. I could bounce you like a ball and a tennis racket! You think you're tough? I had to be eliminated in a restraining jacket!

Jo: You're only known for being angry red! If you faced me in a boxing match, a race, a set or anything! You would be dead! I have so much more than you, you better regret! I have control and I'm manipulative. How far did you get!

Eva: You only made it far because you were part of a loser cast. Please. i've seen squirrels stronger than you. You truely got nothing. I'm the best there ever was. you want to box? Okay. If I were you, i'd use my little airy princess wings and buzz.

Jo: I'm tough! You'd better know it! Revenge of the Island! True! That game wasn't okay, but you were tricked, and voted off, on the second day! You are forgotten, nobody cares! You're hopeless and nothing. The million is mine! All of it. No shares!

Eva: Well, you're a tiny little squeak and you deserve a mouth full of fist. This battle is for nothing! So you know what?.....FORGET THIS! *Slams mic on Jo's foot*

Jo: FORGET THIS!? FORGET YOU! *throws mic at Eva's head*

Eva: *turns around* YOU'RE DEAD! *tackles Jo*

Jo: *kicks Eva off* YOU'RE DONE!

Eva: *punches Jo in face* YOU'RE FINISHED!

Jo: *slide tackles Eva* YOU'RE TOAST!

Chris: ENOUGH! I mean, okay guys! thats a *ducts after eva throws a block of cement at his head* will someone get them out of here! *Chef carries Eva and Jo away* Well...that was the first rap battle to end in an actual battle. So.....who won?


Who's the winner? (Jo potrayed by Tylerbrickfan / Eva potrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0)

The Female Bully, Eva.......or.......The Tack-No-Prisoner Jock-ette, Jo


WHEN YOU VOTE, you have to give a reason for why one person should win OR why the other should lose, or even both. This isn't a popularity contest. If you don't give a reason then your vote is incomplete and will not be submitted. An Example of what we want:

I vote for Heather: I vote for Heather because she made Lindsay cry in the battle. She was tough and Lindsay overall, was weak at battling.

I eliminate Lindsay: Lindsay cried midway through the battle and her insults were not as personal as Heather's

It doesn't have to be just like this, you can shorten it. As long as we know what your saying and the reason is from the battle, not how you view the character from the show.

An Example of what we DON'T WANT

I vote for Lindsay: OMG I love Lindsay. She is the best! - Tell us really? Did this person deserve to win the rap battle

I eliminate Heather: She's mean ---The point of the rap battle is to be mean. This isn't a reason.

The point is so that this doesn't become a popularity contest. IF YOU JUST VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE, THEN WRITING THE BATTLE WAS A WASTE OF TIME. You can still vote for your favorite, the reason just can't be because they are your favorite. So, still enjoy the battles and remember. This is now a requirement when you vote. Either give us a reason why one person should win, or why the other should lose. Thank you.

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