I still can't believe Sky is being compared to Zoey. If you really think about it, they're OPPOSITES in many ways.

File:180x180 profilw tdri zoey 1.jpg

So allow me to compare and completely and utterly CONTRAST the everliving crud out of these two. I'd say the biggest coincidence between them if that they both have such unlikable "boyfriends" with the same color scheme. (Don't get me wrong. Dave >>>>>>>> Mike) Sky and Zoey both appear to be typical and generic. However, this season surprised us by shaking things up a bit. Zoey didn't develop or do anything truly noteworthy for two entire seasons. Sky managed to whip up some drama in a way that truly differentiates her from Zoey.



  1. ===Dave shows interest in Sky. Sky's response? ===

Sky sticks true to her goals and wants to win the game. She pushes Dave away and only thinks about him on occasion, as opposed to letting him control her game. After Mike was eliminated in TDROTI, Zoey spent the rest of the game reflecting on the loss. Sky buried the hatchet with Dave and continued the game; rarely mentioning him in the final few episodes until he returned. That's called independence, kids. Zoey don't got none of that stuff, a'right.

  1. Mike shows interest in Zoey. Zoey's response?

Zoey outright neglects participating wholeheartedly in challenges just to spend time talking to or thinking about Mike. Exhibit A. Backstabbers Ahoy. She also spends most, if not, ALL of her confessionals talking about him. Zoey RARELY is seen talking to others, and if she is, the conversation involves Mike somehow, guaranteed. She outright tries to kill herself in an attempt to be saved by Mike. Mike controls not only her game, but she lets this crush control HER LIFE. 


  1. But Sky can do backflips and stuff! That'd godplaying, right?

Actually, no. Godplaying is when a character inexplicably performs outrageous feats without any explanation as to how. They summon the power simply because they have to win a challenge, or look cool because the writers couldn't think of a clever execution or reasoning behind the action. Sky is an athlete. It's mentioned that she wants to be in the Olympics. That justifies her, since people in the Olympic acrobats can very likely do everything Sky did this season. It's sorta... realistic, since her backstory explains it. 

  1. But Zoey can do backflips and stuff! That'd godplaying, right?

AbsoFREAKINGlutely. Zoey has NO alibi for how she can suddenly wield a bow and arrow, create traps, perform the matrix dodge, balance on bamboo poles over water while being attacked by piranhas, and most importantly... the notorious incident of backflipping up trees. I'm sorry, but throwing a hissy fit over your boyfriend being eliminated does NOT grant you the power to do ANY of that. What makes it stupider, is that Zoey claims to HATE jocks, so that's all the more reason she SHOULDN'T be able to do any of what she did. Zoey is an absolute god player. No doubt about it. 


  1. Is Sky flawed in a way that makes her interesting?

Sky makes genuine mistakes. Sky messed up, everybody. I'm not denying it. She should have told Dave the truth earlier when she had the chance. Sky also makes minor mistakes which need to be highlighted here. Sky has her typical moments of embarassment. The fizzy water incident, the falling in the water Scarlett dodge, the beaten up by a braced beaver incident, the belching cowboy incident. There are moments of watching Sky that genuinely make a person cringe. That's GOOD. That shows she's not perfect, and that she is more realistic as a person. People are flawed. Sky is flawed. She's more realistic.

  1. Is Zoey flawed in a way that makes her interesting?

Not really. Zoey doesn't have any flaws. She's played off as this perfect girl with perfect friends, a perfect love life, and a perfect ... hairdo, I guess. She's never really humiliated in the game. To be honest, she's either being "adorable" (you know, standing there and staring at Mike *eye roll*)  or ... um... existing. Just existing. Zoey is NEVER the butt of any joke. She didn't even get to box anything in "Suckers Punched" for crying out loud! The writers obviously didn't want to assign her a weakness. She was so calm and collected in the mines of "Zeke And Ye Shall Find". She has NO fears. She has no flaws, which in a way... is the biggest flaw of them all. (I guess you could say she's stupid as a rock for not figuring out the Mal deal, but nobody ever made her feel bad about it, so she got away with that)


  1. Sky's personality?

Sky has a personality. She’s not just “the jock”. She’s got a wide variety of personality points. She wants to be an Olympian, she belches when she’s nervous, she’s not good with breaking up with others, she hates when people play dirty, and she’s very judicial and slightly over competitive. She has FLAWS too. And the show makes sure you KNOW her flaws. She's a well balanced character. She's not perfect.

  1. Zoey's personality?

What personality? Zoey has no personality. She doesn’t even stay true to the “Indie chick”. Not even slightly. Stuffing a flower on your head doesn’t add anything. Zoey is just... "The Indie Chick Mike's Needy Girlfriend" I mean, one season she's a damsel in distress, and the next she's godplaying. She's inconsistant and boring. She's just "the nice girl". Talk about basic.


Sky is revealed to be somewhat of a hypocrite in the finale, and is called out on that. We SEE the consequences of her actions. She ends up destroying her relationship with Dave. Chris calls her out on it. Dave calls her out on it. SHE calls HERSELF out on it. She may not have treated that situation with care, but at least the audience is blatantly told what she did wrong and how BAD it was.

Zoey is a hypocrite in MANY ways, and is NEVER called out on it. She longs for friends, yet pushes away Dawn and Dakota. Even Scott to an extent. She claims to love oddballs, yet often badmouths the more whacky characters in the confessional. Zoey wants to be accepted for who she is, yet spends all of TDROTI bossing around Mike telling him to act the way she WANTS him to. She's needy, whiny, and instinctively selfish, yet is treated like a sweet, loveable, friend to all. Everyone chooses to ignore her flaws because the show never has any consequences for her stupid actions, unlike Sky. Zoey's consistently rewarded for being an idiot.


Sky and Ella remain friends even after finding out they both share feelings for Dave.

Zoey and Anne Maria… not so much.


Sky and Dave's relationship is flawed, and is treated as a flawed relationship. Thus, why it never happened.

Mike and Zoey is the most toxic and unhealthy relationship in all of TD. Both are gullible and put themselves in unnecessary danger for one another constantly. Mike is always hiding secrets, and Zoey is too stupid to identify when Mike's out of control. Mike's untrustworthy and Zoey's an idiot. Yet, they're treated like TD's most popular and groundbreaking couple that outshines em all. If they were real, they'd get each other killed in a week.


Sky. Is. Not. Zoey 2.0.

Sky ≠ Zoey

Thank you. 

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