B & Staci potrayed by SuperMarioFanatic312 and TotalDramaFan2.0

Silent-cestors is the sixth episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a battle between B and Staci.


Chris: Previously on Total Drama Rap Battles, Al and Scott took yet another spin on the mic, and ultimately, Alejandro was placed in the same machine Scott was when Fang murdered him! Haha. Well, anyways, Scott had ultimately won, and only 5 people voted! Wow. Well, let's see Alejandro!

Alejandro: (in peanut gallery, rolls in in machine, red light flashes)

Ezekiel: Hey look, it's Alejandro (pronouncing the j as "ja" like normally), the guy who made Bridgette lose the Drama World Tour!

Sadie: You're not so Ale-hunkdro to me anymore.

Chris: Hahaha. Well, now to Tyler and Duncan's rematch! Who'd won that? Well, it was Tyler! Which means he is moving on to Season 2 and Duncan isn't. YEAH! Ratings! Well, today, B and Staci are taking a spin on the mic, and will B actually talk? Who knows? Well, it's happening right here, right now on Total...Drama...Rap Battles!

Staci: B, Beverly, you know my great-uncle Stan created the letter B and the name Beverly. My great-great-great-grandpa, he created toast, which is gonna happen to you right after we finish this roast. You wear that red cap and a grey jacket, well my Great-Great Aunt Rudy created both of that, so let's hear you talk, B, let's hear your voice, see if you can beat this!

B: (sounds like a girl) Yo, listen up, up here Staci, you like my voice? Call me Brainy. Who cares if I'm Beverly? Your name's Staci, and I bet your great-great-great-great-great-whatever created that!

Staci: As a matter of fact, she did! So what do you have to say? Something pointless, I guess so, Bev you're making my day. My great great great great grandfather invented the idea of failure. And his wife, she invented a wreck. But I don't need to tell you that, you'll experience them personally in a sec.

B: They say if nothing nice to be said, say nothing! Nope nothing at all. But, Staci, I have a few things to say, and get ready to fall. You're the weakest player of all, the lowest of the low! Pack your bags, go home chattermouth! We both know it's you who will go.

Staci: This battle might as well never have happened because you still can't speak. Go back to being the way you always are, dimwitted and meek. You like to play with toys, well my ancestors invented them all! Loserdom awaits you. I'll see you at the end curtain call.

B: Over my dead body will I be sent home now. Losing to a girl, no wait, you? A girl? More like a COW! Not only you big, but a mouth to match. This is over! The Boat of Losers, The Lamo-sine? I don't care which you choose. If you want I'll rebuild the Hurl, just special for you!

Staci: You want feisty! My great great great great great great great grandaunt invented feisty. I'm also related to the geniuses behind victory and defeat! I'm not too fond of defeat so you can have it, and more. I'll keep victory to myself. I can't wait to watch you lose. I've never seen a mime throw a fit before.

B: This battle is done and everyone knows that I'm the best! I can invent more than your fake family could ever compare. I'd hate to leave you like this, as you always were. Loud, unwanted, dumb should I go on? So please, Staci, shut your mouth and hope you finished your order, cause you already been served.

Who's The Winner? (B and Staci potrayed by SuperMarioFanatic312 & TotalDramaFan2.0)

The Strong, Silent Genius, B!.......or.......The Compulsive Liar, Staci!

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