Chris: Last Time on Total Drama Rap Battles. Dawn won. Quick. I need to say that quick because, here me out! This is a winner's episode, so no rap battle BUT!........They rhyme! We needed to spice things up. Let's go to Playa des Winners. Shall we?


Chris: Ready for the challenge? You don't face any elimination..but you all have to RHYME! If you rhyme best, opinion based off of the viewers, then you will win! The best rhymers..GO!

Noah: Umm, rhyming..this is so much fun.Not really, can we be done?

Tyler: I don't know Noah, its such a dumb rule. Hey, lets dunk Scott in the pool!

Noah: Hey Lindsay want to best a fool. Do you see Scott, push him in the pool.

Lindsay: okay, Noah, sure can do! Wait, why am I talking to you? (Noah shrugs, Lindsay shrugs. Lindsay pushes Scott into the pool)

Scott: You guys are so dead! will be red! I'll tear you apart into pieces..enough said

Tyler: go Lindsay! Way to go! Man, what a show!

Jo: You guys are *Tyler puts duct tape on her mouth*

Tyler: gotta rhyme, its the rule. Care to join Scott in the swimming pool?

Staci: *from afar* Gee Katie, don't you see. The other contestants are like a bully. We can stop them, under their nose. With us together, everyone goes.

Katie: staci, you're right, unlike Sadie, we never fight! We could trick them all, we just might!

Izzy: *jumps down from tree* I'm a monkey named Tyrone! I speak to people through xylophone! I love wearing cars as hats and using combs to befriend rats!

Staci: That's just weird.

Izzy: My boyfriend grew a beard

Gwen: Forget Tyrone, Cody leave me alone.

Cody: come on Gwen, talk to me! I'm better than Duncan and Trent cant you see?

Trent: what was that, punk? You think you're a hunk?

Gwen: That is it. I might throw a fit. If you don't stop bothering me I'll throw you in a pit.

Tyler: *across pool* man, Gwen! That was mean! Way to make a scene.

Dawn: Please end this bad dispute. If we all fight, our winnings are down the shute.

Lindsay: winnings? Where? Do you by chance like my hair?

Noah: The point is to be mean. Where have you been?

Gwen: No more. Trent Cody! Walk out the door!

Cody: huh? Man, I thought Sierra was bad. She never got THIS mad!

Leshawna: *walks out of hotel* What are we doing? This is cray cray. You all are yelling and having a bad day.

Trent: I'm having a bad day. What can I say. My old girlfriend is treating me like hay.

Gwen: Like hay? Go away. You two are bothering so please don't stay.

Scott: If you don't like, go ride a bike, and take that bike and go for a hike!

Jo: *muffled*

Cody: man, Gwen, what's with the 'tude? I guess we came when you were in a bad mood!

Gwen: I wish I could relax and get sun rays. But I've sat here listening to you for days!

Tyler: wow, guys. This rhyming is getting old. Its like, in he way now. Like mold.

Cody: well, I see how it is! I don't need you, winy miss!

Gwen: Finally! No more Cody.

Dawn: I believe we all must understand, the situation that is at hand, we all must work with eachother and be, kind, polite and respectibly.

Scott: Listen to you, I could care less. Go hug a tree fairy princess.

Tyler: nah. Uh...sheep's say "Bah"

Noah: That was clever. I wish I could pull a lever, that launches Scott away forever.

Chris: Great! Love it! Anyway, tell us who you want to win. Name TWO winners. The top 2 winners with the most votes get an advantage in round 2.

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