Lindsay is portrayed by Tylerbrickfan

Heather is portrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0

Queens & Princesses is the sixteenth episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a rap battle between Lindsay & Heather.


Chris: Last time on Total Drama Rap Battles. I have no idea what happened. But in the end. Chef has been restored to his role as our chef. Mr. Coconut now has a shot at the million! Weird. Anywho, our peanut gallery give us their reactions to Mr. Coconut winning.

The Whole Peanut Gallery: What?

Chris: There you go. And now for a battle you all were looking forward to. It's time for The Queen To face The Princess. Bring it on Lindsay and Heather! Begin!

Heather: Are you joking. This is great. You want to play fish and I do bait? Come on lindsay I'm the best for sure. I'm as smart as ME! and you're a toddler. You're so dumb, get a brain, Unless it hurts to cause you pain. I wouldn't wait too long for that. I'm hot and the best player. i walk over you like a welcome mat.

Lindsay: Oh, heather get a clue. Everyone likes me. Not you. Sure, maybe, I don't have the brains. But even looking at you gives me eye pains. Really. I'm pretty, I'm the fan favorite girl. You and Alejandro make me want to hurl. Before you continue, remember this: you are a monster, little miss

Heather: Please just stop. You're performing bad. You can't even talk, you are just sad. You can't remember your own boyfriends face. I'm sure he'd enjoy life if he wasn't tripping over his own shoelace. You're completely pathetic. You're a hobo's spawn. I will always be the queen. You're not even a pawn.

Lindsay: heather, don't you dare disrespect my Taylor- er, tyler. Both you and me knows that you are just a dirty liar. Like really, how many boys have you dated? Close to none. Only one. This battle is already done. As of I would lose to heather the evil. Seriously, take a chill pill.

Heather: Make my day. You always do. You wouldn't know victory if it walked up and slapped you. I destroyed in at every turn. You never recovered because you never learned. Like I care how many boys I dated? Some people say that's overarted. You like to pretend that your so humble for any boy. Any guy plus I can break you like a toy.

Lindsay: I'm admiral Lindsay! Her hottness, of course. Heather, take a bath for once. You sleep like a horse. Actually heather, you look like one too. Sorry, being beautiful is what I do. I get that you're jealous, too. But really, get out. No one likes you. Not me, not her, not him, not even alejanjerk. What's with your perk? You're just an ugly, bitter, jerk.

Heather: You are the biggest ditz of all time, not nice. You would have been eliminated early, twice. If Izzy hadn't been arrested, if Dj hadn't quit. Your game on Total Drama, that would have been it. Oh but no stopping there, it keeps going. You lost three time, pathetic, without even knowing. You lost cause your dumb, you lost cause you'r head's hollow, you lost with no fashion sense, where do you not follow?

Lindsay: I'm sorry, I was ignoring you. Heather, it makes me laugh. You think I'm a loser, but do the math. You are hated by everyone, I know you don't care. Insulting my fashion? You wouldn't dare. If you haven't noticed, Hun, you're clothes are made of gross polyester, mine are made of cheetas hair. Please. Your insults are hollow, very uneffecting. In TDWT, my ears almost died when I heard you sing.

Heather: Do the math? You want me to think for you. That makes me laugh and fall. You are Lindsay, therfore you're dumb that correct, all and all. Cheetah hair, please Lindsay, you look pale, your clothes are cheap, blotchy and flashy bought from a garage sale. You can't talk to me as though I'm the lower one. I can eat you alive any season, don't mess with me hun.

Lindsay: heather, don't embarrass yourself like that. You look like someone wiped their feet on you, like you're a mat. Earlier there, were you referring to yourself? Pale, dumb? Sounds like you. Really, ot seems like you don't know what to do. I am beautiful, just admit it now. You think that you're pretty, but how? For your own good, walk away now. This is about to get ugly. Oh wait, that happened when you stepped foot in this room.

Heather: You are hilarious. I'm the most popular girl in my school. You're easy pickings for anyone, nobody thinks' you're cool. Buzz off, as if, you're nothing at all. You lost the race, You might as well be last place, You're destined to fall. Tyler can't compare to Al, he's hot and real fit. Your boyfriend is as klutzy as you are dumb, Go jump in a pit

Lindsay: You're mean. Not just that, but also ugly. If I was in your shoes, I'd get out of them cause their tacky. You can't be close to how amazing I am. I have so many friends and even more fans!

Heather: I'm more popular. I make the show. I decide who's going to stay and who's going to go.

Lindsay: I don't remember that working in TDA, you can't keep up so just go away.

Heather: You want a fight, one you'll get. I'll take you down (imitates Lindsay) Umm...Courtney? Beth? Bridgette?

Lindsay: I know you, you'r Heather. I feel bad just knowing you exist. I am more pretty and I bet more strong. Stop tasting that lip balm and how about more of Leshawna's fist.

Heather: Princess goody goody ditzy blonde wannabe diva.

Lindsay: Loud mouthed, mean crazy loser driven jerk

Heather: Little fairy mutt, idiotic brainless loser.

Lindsay: No good selfish rotten *****

Heather: ******

Lindsay: *******

Chris: And that's a rap! This was by far one of the most intense battles. I can't even tell who won. So..who won?


Who's the Winner? (Lindsay portrayed by Tylerbrickfan / Heather portrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0)

The Queen Bee, Heather.......or.......The Dumb Princess, Lindsay

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