Total Drama has a lot of victories that go to teams... that really just SHOULDN'T have won. Either for obscure reasons that are even too farfetched for a cartoon, or for sheer godplaying.

Here is a list of episodes and challenges where I believe the team or individual that won really SHOULDN'T have won. 

This list does not include unfair eliminations. It's all instances where teams or people received immunity for completely unfair or odd reasons. People throwing challenges do not count.

I will not be including Ridonculous challenges, since that'd be too hard to make, since there are 18 teams and it's harder to keep track of any inconsistancies. 


X-Treme Torture - Screaming Gophers Immunity - It was Heather's fault they lost, and ... for such a dumb reason. That specific mud skiing challenge was so confusing. The OTHER TEAM drives the jetski, so what's stopping them from just not going near any flags or better yet, NOT just crashing like Heather did. The rules were unfair and made no sense. Harold shouldn't have lost.

Search And Do Not Destroy - Heather's Immunity - Heather had NO idea she'd win immunity. That was all pure luck. TOO lucky. Like, had they included a scene where she, I dunno, PEEKED into her chest at least to KNOW she'd be safe before performing the most risky move in all of TDI, then I'd get it. But getting THAT lucky... that's just poor writing. But it was the only time it happened, so it's okay to let it slide.


3:10 To Crazytown - Screaming Gaffer's Immunity Similar to X-Treme Torture, the challenge just didn't make sense. One team had to rope the others. Was there a time limit? The odds were so unevenly stacked, and the way it turned around just didn't make any sense either. The challenge itself was just a poor way to wrap up the episode. It made zero sense.

Oceans Eight, Or Nine - Courtney's Immunity - It was necessary to eliminate Owen, so I don't really count it.

Super Hero-ld - Courtney's Immunity - Okay, now she can suddenly do backflips and stuff? She only does this for two episodes. Where was THIS Courtney during TDAS?


Walk Like An Egyptian Part Two - Team Amazon's Victory - No matter how many times I watch this, I still get confused. Team Chris was WAY ahead of them, had a huge head start, has less weight, and stronger rowers. Team Amazon made their boat in SECONDS and managed to speed past Team Chris. Team Chris should have totally won, and I don't see why it was necessary to make Team Amazon win that episode. Nothing would have changed.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan - Team Amazon's Victory - The random "exploding donuts" win was so.... random. And not charming random. Like, it was clear that there was no REAL reason the Amazon's won. They just... did... Like, how did Team CHRIS not win? Again, why?

I See London - Team Amazon's Victory - Noah and Owen caught Jack The Ripper. Noah and Owen actually did the challenge. Courtney and Gwen brought back Duncan, and now Chris decides to give victory to the Amazon's at the last second. Like... that was SO unfair. Especially since it was the episode that sent Noah home.

Picnic At The Hanging Rock - Courtney's Victory - That last minute eucalyptis alergy was... SO anticlimactic and unfair. What even?


Ice, Ice, Baby - Team Maggot's Victory - The key to cartoon physics in a series like this is to be consistant. The fact that it took a LONG time to sorta melt the Maggot's fort and it only took litteraly less than a second to melt the Rat's fort was just so... unfair. Then again, I let it slide cuz it's a cartoon.


Evil Dread - Heroic Hamster's Victory - Zoey godplayed.

Saving Private Leechball - Heroic Hamster's Victory - Zoey godplayed again.

Sundae Muddy Sundae - Zoey's Victory - The last minute challenge shift was just... what the heck? And the fact that they all lost eating Ice Cream to ZOEY... Like, what the heck? What happened to Courtney's strong stomach. What happened to Scott eating dirt, let alone ice cream? Gwen was unfazed by Lindsay barfing into her mouth in TDA. Zoey winning.... like, why?


Mo Monkey, Mo Problems - Confused Bear's Victory - What was even the purpose of Sugar flicking the coin PERFECTLY into the vending machine? Ella went home anyway, so it's not like that team NEEDED to win.

Sky Fall - Sugar's Immunity - Okay, what even? The random tree. The amount of OOMPH (or lack of) it took to make it fall. It falling perfectly on Jasmine. Sugar... managing to reach the top without even climbing, like, how? That episode, in my opinion, was the only Pahkitew episode that genuinely got my goat.

In the comments, if you're a pessimist, feel free to share any other episodes you think were unfair in terms of who won and who lost.

In the comments, if you're an optimist, feel free to share who you think would have gone home in all of these episodes had the unfair circumstance not have happened. :)

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