Eva goes with everything Christmas related......

Merry Christmas Eve everybody. (If you don't celebrate Christmas, then "Happy Holidays" or what you would prefer based on your holiday) So, I have no family gatherings soo....I made this in my spare time. CHRISTMAS EVA!



How The Evinch Stole Christmas.....


Eva as.......The Grinch "Evinch"

Zombie Zeke as........Max "Ezekiel"

Lindsay as..........Cindy Lou "Lindsay Lou"

Narrator: In the town of Wawanakwaville, everybody loved Christmas a lot....but the Evinch...did NOT! She hated Christmas, the WHOLE Christmas season. Do not ask why, nobody knows the reason. It could be because her shoes were too tight. Perhaps her head wasn't screwed on just right. But I think the most likely reason of all, may have been that her heart was two sizes too small. 

Evinch: Those stupid people and their stupid noise! I hate the children! I hate the TOYS! It makes me angry just imagining that night, when Santa's reindeer set off and take flight! I hate Christmas. I hate it all! I wish it would find an abyss and FALL!

Narrator: She sat in her cave all day and would shout.


Narrator: She slumped back inside where her only friend waited. Ezekiel, the homeschool, was horribly mutated.

Ezekiel: *bark*

Evinch: I hate that dumb Christmas! I hate the turkey and the trees! I want it to stop! Can they do that, just please!

Ezekiel: *woof*

Evinch: I wish it would end, The entire Christmas cheer! I want it far away, I don't want it near.

Narrator: But the Evinch knew the Who's loved the season too much, she could not think of a plan, her brain needed a crutch. She was at a loss of what to do. Then she thought very hard, and that's when she knew.

Evinch: It's all about toys and the games and the fun! If that's taken away, then Christmas for NO ONE! 

Ezekiel: *ruff*

Evinch: They expect a visit from the jolly man in red! What they don;t know is that it'll be ME instead! 

Narrator: So she cut out a costume using naught but her fists. She worked all night, even hurting her wrists. She was driven by hatred and guided by rage! She was going to pull off the crime of the age! She finished her costume but she needed reindeer. What she soon realized that her "reindeer" was near.

Ezekiel: Oh no eh, I mean... *woof*

Evinch: You will make an okay sleigh puller! Now I have this bag, and it will get fuller. As we fill it on up with the decorations and all, The people will wake up and start to cry and bawl. 

Narrator: So she hopped on her sled and sped down to the town. She made sure to be quiet, not making a sound. 

Evinch: They're asleep in their cabins, They're in bed all right. Now to steal all of the gifts and stay out of sight.

You're a Mean One...Miss Evinch

You’re a mean one Miss Evinch
You really pack a fist
You're as sweet as a broken lip
You've broken somones wrist
Miss Evinch
You're a bad camper
With a temper to match
You're a monster, Miss Evinch
Your heart's a kick in the shin
Your brain is full of violence
You've got "Monster" in your soul
Miss Evinch
I wouldn't touch you
With a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!
You're a vile one, Miss Evinch
You're heart is an empty void
You have all the tender sweetness
Of a mutated Dakotazoid!
Miss Evinch

Evinch: (has stolen all of the decorations, toys, etc) Now with all of these trinkets gone, the people of Wawanakwaville will be crying at dawn. The last cabin of the gopher girls, is my last stop before these kid's lives swirl. (sneaks into the Screaming Gopher Girl's bunk and lifts their tree up with one arm and walks to the door)

Narrator: What she didn't know that her strength was loud and not fake. At the door stood Lindsay Lou, up wide and awake)

Lindsay Lou: Santa?

Narrator: She said..

Lindsay Lou: What's are you doing to the tree and the toys. Without those their's less joy for the girls and boys?

Narrator: The Evinch had a temper, but stayed calm and real sly. She made up a fib, no, more like a lie. 

Evinch: I was taking this tree because it looks way too dumb. i'm taking it to my workshop to punch it till it's numb.

Lindsay Lou: That's sound so violent, what's going on?

Narrator: The Evinch quickly thought.

Evinch: Hey, I think in the LAKE is a tanning salon. (Lindsay Lou runs out as fast as she can) Well that was close.

Narrator: The Evinch had said.

Evinch: I better get out now, or be caught, then be dead. 

Narrator: So the Evinch got onto her sleigh, and pushed Ezekiel up to her cave where they stay. 

Ezekiel: *bark*

Narrator: Evinch had reached the top of her mountain so high. She waited till morning to hear the campers all cry.

Evinch: Without any presents they have to just quit! Christmas will be over! That's that! That'll be it!

Narrator: So the Evinch listened to the people below, but what she heard was not crying, nor bawling, no no.

Wawanakwanians: (singing a cheerful Christmas song while gathered around a single tree in the middle of the campground)

Evinch: What?! WHAT!? What is this!? How is it? HOW ON EARTH CAN IT BE! I stole all the presents even uprooted a tree! They sing and they laugh, but no gifts to give out? Why is this happening..what's Christmas about?

Narrator: So the Evinch thought out loud and couldn't believe what she heard. Joy without presents? This was just absurd. But when she looked down again and saw the kids filled with cheer, she saw Christmas is happy, and that's nothing to fear. 

Evinch: I was wrong the whole time, Christmas is not bad. It's a season of joy and that makes me real.............






Narrator: So she smashed up her cave and ruined her room. Ezekiel was afraid that he would be doomed. So Ezekiel snuck out while Evinch was tearing up rifts. He took hold of the sleigh and raced to the town and began bearing gifts. 

Ezekiel: Merry Chri...I mean...*bark*

Narrator: So the kids and the mutant celebrated all night. The Evinch stayed in her cave, putting up a great fight. She had such a bad temper, that nobody cared. But everyone forgave Zeke, nobody was scared. They all enjoyed Christmas they all got their tree. Christmas is Christmas and they stayed so happy. Duncan got a new knife, Bridgette got a board. Dawn got a tea set and Sam got an action figure "Space Lord". Owen got a sandwhich, Dj got a baby calf. Because Christmas to them is what they already have.....

  • curtains close*

Thank you ALL. That is PART 1 of the Total Drama Christmas Eva Special! Hope you enjoyed. (don't judge)

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