Large And In Charge is the thirteenth episode of Total Drama Rap Battles. It is a rap battle between Leshawna and Brick.

Leshawna portrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0

Brick portrayed by Tylerbrickfan

Battle 12

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Rap Battles. We had to have a whole team rebuild the set. Because we made the horrible mistake of putting Jo and Eva in the same room. But it was all worth it because we love the attention...I mean..receiving votes from you. These are all about you. Hehehe..Anyway. Eva lost and Jo won. We had to tranq Eva because she went on another rampage.

Jo: Next time you might want to stay out of my way. Nobody messes with Jo.

Duncan: (In the peanut gallery, Eva is tranqued in a strait jacket) I like her better this way.

Courtney: (smacks Duncan) Shut up! Nobody cares what you have to say.

Duncan: You know what? (puts finger on Courtney's forehead and pushes until she falls off of the peanut gallery)

Sadie, Justin, Ezekiel, B, Alerobot and Lightning: (laughs)

Lightning: (Courtney hits the ground) Sha-Bam

Courtney: You're all idiots!

Chris: Anyway. We had trouble setting up this next one. I hope you don't mind. But nobody suggested this one. We just picked it. But, it will be worth your while. These two are natural born leaders with the exception of Brick.

Brick: Hey!

Chris: Give it up for Brick and Leshawna! Begin!

Leshawna: Step out of my way! I'm taking the floor. You've been knocked out, straight through the door. I'm fabulous and the girl of the season. They call me the best. That's cause they have a reason. I'm starting to shake and I'm ready to dance. Get out. Move over! But please don't wet your pants!

Brick: Listen here, lady. I'm large and in charge! I know you are so proud, don't mean to barge. But really, I'm the soldier, trained to fight! you can't even beat me with all your might! So, please, Miss, get out of the way. I plan on having victory today.

Leshawna: You want to win? Say please. HA! I wouldn't give you nothing, even if you begged on your knees. Beating you will be a breeze! You smell like dirt. You must have fleas. The dance train is leaving and it's coming for your back! If I was you I'd step off the track! I could twist you up and you'd make a nice wreath. I'll slap you DOWN and you'd lose some teeth.

Brick: As I stated before, I'm specialy trained. From that right there, I can tell you are strange. Miss, beating me is not an easy task. If you want to leave now, you don't have to ask. I know you think you are the big stuff, but please, if you keep on, this may be rough. So, if I were you, I would be on my way. Now please explain to me how you can win. any day now, im waiting with a grin.

Leshawna: Listen buddy. I've seen you play. You wouldn't last at the end of the day. You say not to leave a man behind? Well my friend, you've left your mind! You promise no hurt but I disagree. The victor in this game ain't you. It's me.

Brick: now, miss, I'm not losing to you. I could get a better opponent from an old shoe. do i smell bad? Thats the smell of victory. So, If I were you, I would give up on beating me.

Leshawna: This just got sad. I'd hate to sound rude but your doing this bad! You prefer to be bossed around? You want to to be treated like a hound. I can do that. You want to win, well now it's too late. I'm came to win and I dominate!

Brick: *starts to march* There's no way I'll lose to you. You think I smell but you do to. Round em! No way! Round em! That I'll lose to you! Round em! everyday! Round em! that I win too! ROUND EM!

Leshawna: Round em? What are you talking about? You ain't talking about my booty are you?

Brick: Umm...No M'am. That's a chant.

Leshawna: Oh...Well anyway... I no longer feel like this is a threat. you want this to be over yet? You like to march? I'll give you the boot! But I don't have it in my heart to hurt something so cute. (says in a childish tone)

Brick: *whistle* *whole basic training crew shows up to march* I don't know what I've been told! Brick is the best, he never gets old! round em! He's the best! ROUND EM

Leshawna: This isn't even a rap anymore. What kind of joke are you playing me for. Who are these? Your play mates? It's over Brick you lost these debates. I'll crush you up and ship you in crates!

Brick: Thats it. I've won. This battle is done. I've made my stand. I guess you win, in your own little made up land. But out here, ma'am, in the real world, the toughest win. Not by some poipular demand. I'm done now, I've won. If you ever want to rein, go train, and then maybe your chances of winning will go up some!

Leshawna: I like this a lot. I can see the finish line! You've fallen back, and me, I'm just fine. Brick, you lost yourself. You're in your own world. You are crazier than Izzy! It's over. Lights out. Now it's dark. Now you pee.

Brick: (has already victouriously marched away)

Leshawna: .....Where's he going? (Brick is marching off into the distance)

Chris: Who knows? But YOU ALL do! You get to vote for the winner. Brick's soldiers made a cameo...I'm not sure if that's illegal. So. Who won?


Who's the winner? (Brick potrayed by Tylerbrickfan / Leshawna potrayed by TotalDramaFan2.0)

The Cadet, Brick-------or-------The Sister With 'Tude, Leshawna

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